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Thread: Reboot ended a year ago yesterday

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    Hmmm, I will post here rather than in the "other TV shows" forum again, duh!

    Doesn't seem to be anyone falling over themselves remembering the other show or its finale.

    The only news item I was able to find from yesterday was this one:

    There was also this posting a few days ago:

    Plus this sidebar which dates to last April:

    There is recent news that there is an NCIS: Hawaii planned. Will any of the H5-Zero characters appear in it?

    Katrina Law, who didn't get much chance to shine on the H50 reboot, appeared in the last two episodes of the 18th season of the regular NCIS. If the show is renewed for another season (is it yet?), there is speculation she will return, maybe even taking over Mark Harmon's position:

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    That looper article made me go, "UGH!"

    Then I worked my way down to the cheatsheet articles. Oh my gosh! Why am I not surprised that the reboot fans are fawning over the possibility that they'll see McGarrett (AOL) again? Give me a break!

    What would be more likely, is to bring back Five-Zero characters like Junior or Tani. Did no one watch the finale? Duh!

    As far as the last link - the comments are worth checking out. I don't know if NCIS has been renewed yet, but 18 years is a long run. I have a feeling they're falling into the original's trap: running the show too long. But I don't watch it on a regular basis anymore.

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