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    So I re-watched S11E18 "The Execution File" recently and I came away with something.

    During the episode, Russ Hendrix (Robert Loggia) metes out his own version of justice due to the kidnapping and eventual death of his teenage daughter some time before.

    In the mix is Lureen (Kaki Hunter), who reminds Russ of his own daughter. ... Or does she?

    There's obviously a stronger relationship between the two as the episode goes on and Lureen spells it out for us at the end after Hendrix has been killed by a hired assassin (he doesn't die right away, he collapses at a criminal mastermind's place then dies).

    It's this scene that I made my observation. Russ tells McGarrett as he lays dying that he's no better than Maggers (John Larch) who was the criminal behind the three pimps Hendrix killed in the show.

    Well, yeah! Lureen's back story was that she was raped and beaten about a year before when she was 15. That would put her at 16 but Hendrix is far older, probably pushing 50 character-wise. I get they were trying to show that Hendrix genuinely cared about the girls he felt he was "rescuing" but I think the writers could have come up with something a bit better.

    Out of curiosity, I checked out IMDb. Loggia was born January 3, 1930, so his real-life age matched to Hendrix well. Hunter was born November 3, 1955 making her about 23 at the time of filming.

    I think if the writers made Lureen a bit older, the relationship between her and Hendrix would have made more sense and been less creepy. The way it is, Hendrix comes across as something of predator, albeit of different stripes, than the guys he literally gunned for.

    I wonder if this isn't one of those things that looking back through the lens of today doesn't take it out context in some fashion.


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    I'm a big fan of Season 11 (1978-1979) Classic HFO. This Execution File was a very good episode. Russ Hendrix was incredibly intelligent and a likable PI. He seemed to genuinely care for the girls and young women in his meetings and life. The Girls Home appeared to be a cool place to eat and live and Lureen was 1 of them. I think there was a great natural love between Lureen and Russ Hendrix. I think Hendrix didn't think it all the way through. Sure, the house he was building was for him and her to live. However, what about when she turned 18? She would be a young woman. Going to the University. Meeting new friends and maybe a boyfriend. How would Hendrix feel about this? It's a shame Hendrix was shot by the hitman and dies. It would have been interesting to see a spinoff series Hendrix. I think 1 of the weaknesses in Execution File...They focused on Hendrix too quickly. Wish there were 2 or 3 good suspects that went through the McG and Danno rinse and wash at the HFO Headquarters. John Larch was less effective here as Maggers. He delivered an excellent performance as Joe Trinian in Yesterday Died...And Tomorrow Won't Be Born. The CPO who wounds McGarrett nearly taking his life. I enjoyed the scene where Hendrix drives to the Used Car Lot and then commits 1 of the murders. Another great scene is where Hendrix wants protection at the HFO Headquarters. Hendrix was always thinking. Great episode Execution File. JC

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    I don't think Hendrix was a strong enough character to warrant a spin-off.

    Besides, the main point of the thread was the relationship between Lureen and Hendrix being botched by the writers. They focused too much on the father-daughter angle when they could have just as easily made her a bit older and took another angle at it (i.e. Hendrix more as a guardian angel). The way it is - it's creepy.

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    Yep there’s a whole bunch of characters that are more memorable than Hendrix (Hendrix who???) like Lewis Avery Filer or Big Chicken or Wo Fat or Vashon. Take your pick. Yet I never felt any of them needed a spin-off. LOL!

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