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Thread: MacGyver hit with lawsuit over its status: reboot, remake, spin-off or what?

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    I've seen stranger things happen, but could this eventually lead to not so many remakes/reboots happening? Or make things worse?

    I read some of the comments, apparently this exact issue came up when Trapper John, MD was launched. The TV MASH people sued saying they were using a character from the show but the Trapper John people said their character was based on the movie and the book. So who knows!

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    Well, another one bites the dust. It's cancelled due to low ratings:

    With Five-Zero on Ion, I'm sure MacGyver will follow suit. There's also a rehash of P. Lenkov's dismissal from CBS. Fortunately, it only takes up just a bit of the article.

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    Fans of “MacGyver” are not taking news of the show’s cancellation lying down.

    One fan of the hit CBS reboot — which has maintained a solid audience of about 6 million viewers each week — is actually doing something.

    “Help us #SaveMacGyver and renew it for season 6,” writes fan Aria D in the petition she launched, seeking “a final hurrah” with one more season.

    “‘MacGyver’ is a beloved show that has been running on CBS for five years. It has had strong ratings and great storylines for five seasons. The cast is amazing and extremely diverse but for some reason CBS has decided to cancel it in spite of it winning them the Friday night lineup for weeks in a row,” she writes.

    “It is a show that has defied the odds among challenges of lack of promotion, a Frankenstein season and showrunner changes. The new showrunner, one of the few women showrunners in the industry has not been able to fully show her creativity in only seven episodes,” the petition continues.

    “There was so much more about to be explored. But it was just snatched away for no apparent reason. If there is anything we fans have learnt from this show is that WE DON’T GO DOWN WITHOUT A FIGHT,” adds the petition, which at time of writing has acquired nearly 6,300 of the 7,500 signatures sought.

    “We don’t want cliffhangers or a half-done finale or 15 episodes,” the petition asks. “We deserve a happy ending. Our favourite characters do and so do the amazing cast and crew… A dedicated fandom whose favourite show deserves a farewell.”

    Meanwhile, there’s also a different petition asking Netflix to rescue the show in the same way the streamer brought new life to network TV series “Arrested Development”, “Lucifer” and “Designated Survivor” after their respective cancellations.

    Following the CBS announcement that the network wasn’t picking up “MacGyver” for a sixth season, star Lucas Till took to Instagram to share his appreciation to the fans who’ve kept the show on the air for all these years.

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