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Thread: Interesting article on H50/Jack Lord from 2019

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    That was an interesting article. I like the fact that the author took an even-handed approach.

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    There was a lot of false information there, and it all went back to the same old rumor-mongering and blaming Jack for everything - Zulu getting fired, the other actors not getting co-star billing, etc. The guy even assumes that Jack caused Leonard Freeman to have a heart attack. That is crossing the line. He also believes the crap from that TV Guide article and claims that Jack didn't allow the other actors to get co-star billing, that they were "featured players," blah blah blah .... It's the same garbage I've read for years. Wrapping it in a bow by calling himself a fan doesn't change anything. It's still the same old thing, but instead of just trashing Jack and repeating all the same rumors and passing them off as fact, they repeat the same stories then say, "but I'm a fan."

    He also said he saw the show on Nick-at-Nite in the late '90s. It was never on Nick-at-Nite. He says the acting in some episodes is terrible, the fashions and architecture are dated, etc. What level of acting is he expecting when half the actors where locals who had little experience in front of a camera? The show was made from 1968-1980. It's going to represent that time and is not going to morph into something modern to suit to the current year in which it is running, like a chameleon changing color. Are people that clueless and dense that when they watch a TV show from the past, knowing full-well that it is not a current show, they don't realize it is representing the time it was made, and point put the fashions, technology, cars, and even the old buildings as oddities or something viewers need to be warned about? We know Hawaii Five-O was made in the '70s, so we're not expecting them to have cell phones, the internet, drive around in SUVs, and dress like homeless people.

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    Dress like homeless people. Lol. Gotta give Vrinda that one!

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    There are several errors in this article.

    H50 was not in the top ten nine times, only four times:

    [From FAQ on my site]
    What kind of ratings did Five-O enjoy during its twelve-year run?

    According to the WWW site

    Season 1 (1968-1969) - Not in top 30
    Season 2 (1969-1970) - #19
    Season 3 (1970-1971) - #7
    Season 4 (1971-1972) - #12
    Season 5 (1972-1973) - #3
    Season 6 (1973-1974) - #5 [this has been #10 on my site for at least 10 years, duh!!]
    Season 7 (1974-1975) - #10

    Season 8 (1975-1976) - Not in top 30
    Season 9 (1976-1977) - #19
    Season 10 (1977-1978) - #23
    Season 11 (1978-1979) - Not in top 30
    Season 12 (1979-1980) - Not in top 30

    Patty Duke as the daughter of a mob rat!
    There is no reference to her character's "father" in the show that I can see...

    [Wo Fat] skipped five of the show’s 12 years, three of its last four.
    He was in seasons 9 and 12, though if you mean "years" literally rather than "seasons," this is correct (Sept. 1976 / April 1980).

    McGarrett slams Wo Fat’s fake passport onto his desk in fury.
    This is not true, I have perpetuated this idea myself, it is not his passport:

    Lord recorded a couple country albums
    WHAT?!?!?!? Howcum I am hearing about this now for the first time in 25+ years?

    For all I know, he drove Leonard Freeman to a heart attack.

    Also pointed out to me in e-mail by Bill Koenig:
    --Stoney Burke was in black and white.
    --Cec Linder, JL's replacement as Leiter, was actually younger by about three months. He was born in March 1921. But he certainly looked older than JL.

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    Originally Posted by ringfire211 View Post
    Dress like homeless people. Lol. Gotta give Vrinda that one!
    I can't take credit. It's true!

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    I agree the heart attack comment was over the line.

    As I read it, I thought there's stuff here that I haven't read about before but what kept coming to mind was Michael Anderson Jr.'s interview on Mr. Mike's sight. That one interview gave me more insight into the cast dynamics than anything else.

    When we see articles like this it seems the writer (or hack, your mileage may vary) will write about one extreme or the other - everything was chaos and people fighting or JL was the greatest thing since sliced bread. (We got a bit of both in this specific article). The bottom line is this: none of us were there 41-53 years ago to watch it all go down. None of us were flies on the wall with the ability to see what's true and what isn't. We're (and everyone else) is going off hearsay information that has morphed into some pretty ugly stories over the years. The truth is in there somewhere and I, personally, am not interested in slamming people. What happened, happened and there's no changing it. These folks have passed on and it's the writer's/hack's character, or lack of, that comes through loud and clear.

    Just my two cents.

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    Mike, where has Bill Koenig been? I met him 25 years ago at the Burbank convention.

    You should have him register an account here!

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    Bill Koenig is busy with The Spy Command, a blog about James Bond. You can see info about that here, as well as the sites he has created where he does analysis of The FBI and The Man from U.N.C.L.E. episodes.

    He also has some H50 thoughts on Wo Fat...

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