I almost decided to start writing up Mission: Impossible (the 1966-1973 one), but after just doing one episode, which took a LONG time (an episode with lots of issues), I don't think this is a good idea. I am tempted, it's just that there are 171 shows (a lot).

That show, which I wrote up, is here: http://mjq.net/mi66/S02E20.htm (this URL may change in the future).

Now don't start yelling at me that I am being too picky in this review, because I know that this show is kind of a fantasy. But in this show, it goes beyond that, even as a fantasy, there are things that just don't make sense. Perhaps I am too influenced by reviewing Classic H50 where I had serious problems about some shows with fantasy elements.

Interestingly, the show right after the one above, The Town (S02E21) was one of the very best! It was directed by H50 stalwart Michael O'Herlihy ... and there are always lots of actors from H50 who keep popping up in the shows.

Christopher L. Bennett has written about Mission Impossible, the original, the 1988-89 reboot and the movies. There is lots of food for thought on his site, which is a blog. You have to keep scrolling down the page, but at some points it doesn't continue as you might expect.

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