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    Didn't We Meet At A Murder? Season 4 (6 Stars out of 6 Stars) receives my highest honor at 6 stars. It is currently in my Top 10 Classic Hawaii Five-O and 1 of my FAV episodes. The episode is a creative and intelligent one. 3 different people are blackmailed by Chang into murdering an important Chicago syndicate man, Marty Mauritany. They are a blonde, wealthy widow Bonnie Soames, former active duty, Reservist, and TV Repairman, Clem Brown, and Frank Wellman, from The Honolulu Travel Committee.

    Mauritany arrives in Hawaii checking on 1 of his investments. He has the highest bid on The Lanai Carpet Company. A place selling fine high quality carpeting and the like. Soames makes contact with Mauritany on the plane and they have good conversation. They agree to meet up later at his hotel room for a drink. After a few minutes of small talk with Mauritany, Soames meets the other arriving conspirators. Clem Brown enters to fix the television. He has a contract with the hotel. Frank Wellman welcomes Mauritany to Hawaii from his organization. At the right time, all 3 point their specially designed weapons at a surprised Mauritany. All 3 shots are true and find their target Mauritany. They then depart the hotel with the weapons encased and a deceased Mauritany is later found by his bodyguards hours later.

    McG and the HFO team arrive. It appears to be some kind of syndicate hit. They do have the 3 names Brown, Soames, Wellman who checked in at the front desk. Each passes their HFO interview with flying colors and they are allowed to leave. Clem Brown later meets Chang to dispose of the murder weapons into the ocean. Strangely, their 3 pictures are enclosed inside. I wonder if it's a similar location to Not That Much Different.

    With no other leads, McG decides to have surveillance on the Lanai Carpet Company. It's the building Mauritany had the highest bid. The surveillance pays off as Wellman arrives at Lanai. He receives an envelope at the door and quickly drives off. Danno stops Wellman who does not agree to the search of the envelope. He overpowers Danno and escapes into his building. Several stories high. Wellman commits suicide or is pushed (Clem Brown?) and lands on the ground dead. McGarrett arrives at Wellman's place and the blackmail idea seed is planted. There are numerous pictures on Wellman's wall. At 1st blush, they appear to be women but all are actually men. The inference is Wellman has sexual persuasions. Gay probably.

    McGarrett arrives at the Lanai Carpet Company to visit the building. It received several bids. Mauritany had the high bid. What was so special about it. Chang gives McG a tour of the carpet factory but nothing special about it. McGarrett does notice an ex-con PI who is now working there. Operating machinery. McG makes a mental note of this and leaves.

    As the episode churns on, Bonnie Soames and Clem Brown secrets are unveiled. Soames had her much younger blond lover, Rick Marlowe, tamper with her husband's car. Leading to his death. Brown tried to run away early in Vietnam action... Seeing too much of the shooting and death. He was caught up to by a superior but shot and killed right there by the Vietnamese. Brown did nothing to save the soldier but returned to his unit. He could still be court-martialed as a Reservist.

    McGarrett finds the final piece of the puzzle thanks to 1 of the planners. Steve asks him what is around or close to the building. A bank! The Hawaiian Fourth Federal! The Lanai Carpet Company are back to back! The workers will make a tunnel into the bank and steal thousands and th

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    Double Exposure Review A Grade

    Double Exposure is 1 of the Top 5 or Top 10 Classic Hawaii Five-O episodes in the later period Seasons 9-12. From start to finish, Double Exposure has plenty of outstanding action and photographic scenes. It is very creative with the Vince and Doyle Weston characters and a good romantic story with Danno and famous Actress/Photographer Anne Waring.

    A strong Introduction as Pule Lamii is double-crossed by Sherick and Okima. Lamii is locked out of the car and runs for his life. He runs out of breath and life inside a large tunnel. Lamii is brutally run over by the vehicle several times. This is not shown. We learn from Doyle Weston they found Lamii found "in sections."

    Danno meets Anne Waring at an exhibition as she is showing some of her latest photography. There is a good natural chemistry and a romance blooms. Later, Waring drives around taking pictures and innocently takes some pictures of a boat. Vincent "Vince" Kaouli has returned from a year exile. He had faked his death in a plane crash and is ready to take over his syndicate position. Vince picture has by been taken by Anne Waring. This angers Vince and he asks Sherick & Okima to get that film. Waring drives away and they have to track her down.

    Doyle Weston the mobster is unsettled by this development of Lamii's passing. He asks Sherick and Okima to find out info on who could have done this to Lamii. This is shocking to watch as Sherick & Okima have double-crossed their own boss Weston. They killed Lamii who is part of Weston's organization. Making it like another rival mob hit. Later, Sherick & Okima take out another Weston man, Sammy Nolo. Sammy is violently struck by a vehicle crashing the front window and dumped into the water. A violent death. Weston now 2 members of his organization dead...Lamii and Nolo.

    Anne Waring has her pictures taken with Vince on them but she is not aware of the danger. She notices Okima inside her room looking for the film. Waring hides and escapes Okima and calls Danno from a pay phone. She is staying at her friend Edith's place.

    Danno and the HFO team learn the danger is when they look through the pictures Danno received from Anne's hotel mailbox. It is Vince who was thought deceased in a plane crash over a year before. Doyle Weston is brought into HFO Headquarters and he's a real character with his scratchy voice and pale complexion. Doyle does not want any police protection and is free to go.

    Waring while returning from a bus trip notices Okima the 1 in her room earlier. She starts running and receives a glancing blow from a vehicle. A crowd of people quickly gathers to help Anne Waring. Sherick & Okima drive off not wanting to be seen. They later follow and overtake the ambulance with Anne Waring inside. She is captured by 2 men and taken to Vince. Now seeing Vince, she has to be killed.

    Weston learns from Sherick & Okima that they are the murderers of Lamii & Nolo. Their power play works as Weston decides to pay the $100,000 to Sherick & Okima and the two top vacancies in the Weston organization. Their loyalty is not to Weston but to Vince. It's too late for Weston now as his protection were killed at Vince's before the meeting. Weston knows he has been double-crossed and is shot through the door dead after he exits. Thanks to the Captain under McG's grilling, Vince's location is determined and plenty police presence. They utilize the captured Anne Waring as a way to leave without being stopped. They drop their weapons including Danno. McG then arrives out of nowhere shooting machine gun fire from a chopper. From his aerial position, McG has the advantage and the car is eventually struck good and forced off the road. It then catches fire. Anne is now safe with Danno and the episode ends.

    Double Exposure is an excellent Season 9 episode. They were over 200 episodes in when this was released. It shows the depth and quality of the writing and the actors. It was great to see Danno's romantic life and the Weston & Vince characters. A strong A grade. JC

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    Originally Posted by John Chergi View Post
    Double Exposure is an excellent Season 9 episode. They were over 200 episodes in when this was released. It shows the depth and quality of the writing and the actors. It was great to see Danno's romantic life and the Weston & Vince characters. A strong A grade. JC
    In air date order, this was #200.

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    It's early morning here in Western PA. I'm trying this 4 Star System for the Classic HFO Episodes. I've been watching a few Season 10 episodes and have decided on Invitation To Murder. This particular episode has a different atmosphere about it. The murderer isn't shown early like some of the HFO episodes. It's kind of a Whodunnit. My Grandma loved Murder, She Wrote back in the 1980's. Invitation To Murder reminds me of those episodes.

    In this Invitation To Murder, McGarrett & the HFO team must locate the perpetrator and stop him or her from murdering any more of the beneficiaries of the Addison Barlow estate. Since it's most likely 1 of the beneficiaries, McG and the HFO team have plenty of potential suspects.

    Invitation To Murder starts out innocently enough with Barlow's lawyer, Malcolm Rhodes, bringing McGarrett along to the Barlow residence for the reading of Addison Barlow's will. He was a renown contemporary artist. Those present include: Riah (Addison's widow), Lawrence (Addison's heavy gambling son), Thomas (Addison's brother), Laura Thorpe (Addison's sister), David Thorpe (Her husband) and the lawyer Rhodes and McGarrett. There's also a daughter of Addison's, Eugenie. She is not present. In the will Rhodes reads, Addison Barlow leaves something mostly negative about each one in the family. Although negative sounding, there's some ringing truth to Addison's words. Nobody appears to have their own employment or business but lives in Addison's large house. Living off his generosity and money. Addison throws a wrench in the works. No beneficiary will receive any money until 1 year from reading of the will. This gives each beneficiary reason to grab a bigger slice of the pie. With a 6 million dollar estate, greed and murder make a perfect combination. Laura Thorpe, Addison's sister, suddenly falls over and dies on the couch. Later, her aspirin she ingested is tainted with poison from the lab results.

    Before McG's lunch and will reading with Rhodes, Carolyn Thorpe another in the family was having Parkinson type symptoms. She is very emotional as she might never be able to paint again if the disease progresses. Accidentally, she is in an emotional state and falls off a cliff. This incident happened some days before and Carolyn died from falling over the cliff. Thanks to Iolani in the lab, Addison, Carolyn, and Laura died from poisoning ,or in Carolyn's case, was slowly being poisoned.

    Later, McG and Danno notice Lawrence Barlow enter Benileha's place. He is an art dealer. Barlow is heavily in gambling debt and needs money from Benileha. The intelligent Benileha wants 2 Barlow paintings as his price. Lawrence isn't happy but gives in to the demand. As the episode progresses, it is gleaned that Lawrence brings original Barlow paintings and Barlow forgeries painted by Carolyn to Benileha. David Thorpe is the 1 who hatched this plan with Thorpe receiving half of what Benileha receives from selling the paintings. My guess Benileha can make thousands and thousands of dollars selling a Barlow or a Barlow forgery. There is an inconsistency later as Thomas did not believe Carolyn, a good artist, possessed the talent to paint Addison's paintings. The forgeries. Obviously, she did have the talent.

    Lawrence finally has his date with death when he changes car with his sister, Eugenie. He is trying to evade the HFO tail. Taking her Jaguar, he rides for awhile before losing control of the vehicle and plunging over a steep cliff. The 2 forged Barlow paintings, painted by the deceased Carolyn, were hidden by Lawrence at Eugenie's house. He was on his way to take these forged paintings to Benileha's art place and presumably do more gambling. Later, it is discovered at the lab that the steering column was tampered with. I think the treacherous, winding road and the HFO close tailing were just as responsible.

    McGarrett appears stumped on who the perpetrator could be and exits the vehicle. I would say around where Carolyn accidentally fell off the cliff. He returns to the vehicle. Invitation To Murder quickly moves along when McG and the HFO team check the rooms of the beneficiaries at the Addison house. Danno saves Thomas from certain death from drinking the poisonous wine. Riah also is saved from possible death by McG as her pins and needles from her sewing kit could be poisoned. Eugenie now is at the Barlow residence. She would never step foot in the house again but is there most likely to comfort her mother and each other. McG and the beneficiaries are in a large room. Presumably the one the will was read in. McG makes his big statement or theory that Addison Barlow is behind all the poisonings and accidents. He disliked the family so much that he believed no one deserved the money and David Thorpe would be charged with the murders. The one he might have hated most of all. It is indeed theory but as we find out...Thorpe wasn't over at Eugenie's but Addison had been before. He had bought her the car. That's when he probably tampered with the steering.

    Invitation To Murder is around a 2 star episode on a 4 star scale. I have decided on 2.25 stars. I think one of the weakness of the episodes...They all lived in the large Addison house together except for Eugenie. She has a house just down the road on the Addison Estate. It would be more difficult checking 5 or 6 residence scattered over Hawaii. I would have loved to see some scenes with Addison Barlow before he died. He seems to be an interesting character. His personality is painted through the family's mentions of him to McG. Invitation To Murder is a good watch but does not rise to the level of a Classic HFO episode like Draw Me A Killer or Hookman. What would you rate Invitation To Murder? JC

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    EAST WIND, ILL WIND REVIEW SEASON 10 (3.5 Stars Out Of 4)

    East Wind, Ill Wind is a little slice of Heaven from the declining 10th Season. It is one of my FAV episodes in Season 10 and in the Classic HFO Series. The EWIW episode is kind of a mix and match lifted from previous HFO episodes. An exiled leader in Hawaii is killed or threatened to be killed similar to A Second Shot or in Leopard On The Rock where Savang exiled to Hawaii when the harsh dictator Jakal takes power. Jakal has an emergency landing and Jakal in Hawaii with other exiles who hate him and want him killed. There's also a mysterious death near water or in water like Deep Cover or when Santos takes out Johnny in A Bird In Hand.

    East Wind, Ill Wind is an exceptionally photographed episode. Sharp photography in the raining funeral scene for Mr. Sandanarik, the beautiful fountain there in the shops and hotel area, and the outstanding shot of the crowd and other dignitaries for the Human Rights Conference.

    A strong Introduction! Mr. Sandanarik hears a drowning woman, Helen Macy, and races into the water to save her. She has fallen off her Sunfish and is panicking. Macy is NOT really drowning but luring Salgi Sandanarik, an exiled political leader, to his death. He is drowned expertly by a strongly built and tall scuba diver, Pete Colby. Sandanarik is on a short list for the Nobel Prize in Literature and a champion of peace, freedom, and human rights. His upcoming speech at the Human Rights Conference threatens the new country's regime the strongman, Generalissimo. It would expose this regime and all the human rights and other violations and atrocities. Macy gains her composure and yells that a man is drowning. Colby quickly darts from the scene with his scuba equipment. There's 1 problem...A witness Kati. She is a student of Mr. Sandanarik but rendered mute as a result of the country's secret police Zadak. She has survived much abuse and torture from the secret police. This is actually a strong casting choice. Kati appears gaunt and undernourished. Painfully thin. About 6-12 people rush into the water but they cannot resuscitate Mr. Sandanarik. He's dead from accidental drowning. Macy plays her role as a grieving survivor expertly and explains her near drowning on the TV news. She gives credit for the Man (Sandanarik) for saving her life. The Coroner also concludes Salgi died from drowning. McG and the HFO Team have no other evidence to conclude it's not a drowning.

    McGarrett visits the widow, Mrs. Sandanarik, who is confident the Secret Police from her country are responsible for killing Mr. Sandanarik. The Madame is a beautiful and graceful woman. One of honor and strength. She sheds no tears about her husband's death. The Madame would have every right to dissolve into a thousand pieces or cry on McG's shoulder. She remains strong without crying. Mr. Sandanarik is killed because he was going to deliver a speech at the Human Rights Conference. The new regime would be placed in a negative light and would lose any potential economic and other aid from the U.S. if this was released. The Madame's brother, the Generalissimo, is the leader of the country now. It's good writing as the viewer doesn't know if Mrs. Sandanarik betrayed her husband or is innocent. McG cannot find any support for murder from the autopsy. It's ruled a drowning. Before McG leaves, McG is handed a picture of Kati. She is a student of the deceased Mr. Sandanarik and was brought over to Hawaii from his exiled country. Kati has disappeared and could be innocent or guilty in his death.

    McG and the HFO team receive 2 breaks in Mr. Sandanarik's investigation. They find some scuba tank and gear hidden close to the death scene. Also, Danno learns Macy is quite an excellent swimmer. It's most likely she lured Salgi into the water pretending to be drowning.
    Kati has already showed incredible running skills and arrives at Charlie Davilo's place. He is a good friend of Mr. Sandanarik and knows where the dossier is hidden. It cuts to another scene but it is most likely Kati tells him of Sandanarik's death.

    Pete Colby, Killer and Locksmith, arrives home to collect his money from his work and the stealing of Sandanarik's dossier at the hotel. Derek Hoffman arrives as a Diplomat from the new regime country. Possibly it is Eastern Europe. That would explain the East Wind part. Colby and Hoffman learn they are fakes when opened. Somehow, the dossier had been switched to blanks.

    Mr. Sandanarik's raining funeral scene is beautifully shot photographically. The family, friends, and mourners gather to pay their last respects. Davilo and Kati are hidden high above the funeral scene by dense foliage. They want to show their respects but can't trust anyone at this point. After the funeral, McG and the attractive and well-dressed Mrs. Sandanarik have a good conversation. She still hasn't shed any tears for her husband. It shows her incredible grace and strength. McG leaves her where she is talking with others at the funeral.

    Charlie Davilo is beaten and roughed up by Hoffman/Zadak. Bo Brundin plays both roles in a solid performance. Davilo has endured the savage beating not revealing the contents of the dossier or its location. It's not stated how Zadak would have knowledge Davilo possesed the dossier. Or how he gained info that Davilo and Sandanarik were friends. Kati conveniently returns from somewhere and finds the badly beaten Davilo. Kati shows off her running skills again running to McG's office late at night. McG is surprised to see Kati. Remember Mme Sandanarik had given him a picture of Kati earlier. She cannot speak but pantomimes a person being punch or struck. It cuts away but presumably Kati takes McG to Davilo's place. An ambulance is then seen and Davilo's life is saved by Kati.

    McG visits the great-looking Helen Macy. She is a manicurist in the beautiful hotel and shopping area. There's a big fountain nearby. He goes there as a customer to have his nails manicured. McG stares at her for several seconds and tells her a story about the Manicurist and the Locksmith. Macy realizes his story is painfully true. He gives her his card Steve McGarrett HFO probably and exits. Macy becomes rattled by McG's visit and calls Colby via pay phone. She wants plenty of cash and to leave for Hong Kong. Taking a cab home, she is suddenly killed by Colby? Zadak? as Duke and Chin are tailing her. The perpetrator quickly disappears and Macy is dead providing no important information.

    McG makes a rare mistake informing Mrs. Sandanarik about Davilo and Kati's situation. They are okay and at the hospital. McG doesn't know that Hoffman had placed a bug in Sandanarik's room earlier hoping that the new regime is legitimized and not hurt by any potential info that the speech would do. There is nothing else to discuss and Hoffman leaves. McG arrives on another elevator not seeing Hoffman waiting for the other one.

    McG is extra cautious about Davilo and Kati's safety at the hospital. He pretends to be Davilo in the wheelchair as they head out to deliver the speech at the conference. His intuition is correct as Colby and other criminal types are quickly arrested trying to get to Davilo who is really McG. This makes McGarrett wonder if Mrs. Sandanarik is somehow involved. She was the only person who is told where Davilo and Kati were located at the hospital.

    McG and the HFO team plus HPD are in full force at the Human Rights Connference. Davilo is prepared to deliver Mr. Sandanarik's speech. McG learns a bug had been planted at Mme Sandanarik's place. Most likely by Hoffman. Mrs. Sandanarik greets Davilo and Kati warmly at the Conference. Everyone is vigilant if this Zadak is to strike...It has to happen soon. Kati spots Hoffman as Zadak as he is standing close to where Davilo will speak. She forces herself to speak saying "Zadak" and shouts. Hoffman the Diplomat sent from the new regime country immediately runs and tries to escape the police presence. He is trapped by HFO between tennis court fencing and commits suicide by gunshot to the chest. He had failed in his mission and most likely would be killed by the Generalissimo or other Secret Police. The episode ends with Davilo finishing an incredible speech.

    East Wind, Ill Wind is an excellent episode and deserving of 3.5 out of 4 stars. There are a few questions that prevent it from receiving the highest mark 4 stars. 1. Why didn't Mr. Sandanarik have bodyguards or protection at the beach? He was definitely a threat to the new regime and the Generalissimo. His speech would have highlighted the atrocities and human rights violations of the new regime. 2. Why did Colby leave the scuba equipment near the death scene? It was expensive-looking equipment and allowed McG and the HFO team to examine the possibility of foul play. 3. How did Zadak know Davilo had the dossier and knew its location? As far as the Ill Wind part, it must be the wind of death or plague of death. All the killing because of the contents of this dossier. This would be explosive this speech. Well, that finishes my East Wind, Ill Wind review. What would U give East Wind, Ill Wind as a grade? JC

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    I like this episode. What about you?

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    I probably could do 100 other different things on my Birthday instead of an Angel In Blue Review. It has been pushed back a few days as I tried to give it another watch. I was hoping to boost it up to 1.5 stars. Mr. Mike was correct in his assessment of a BOMB rating. I'll keep it at 1.25 stars on the 4 star system.

    Angel In Blue has a startling beginning when a woman water skiing notices a body floating in the ocean. It is identified as an HPD man Bradley. He was working undercover hoping to capture important people in a drug smuggling ring. His likely killer, Surfer, has left his trademark M.O. 3 shots into Bradley. McG is quite emotional when Bradley is deceased. It's strange as he lossed a few in his close circle on the police force. Yet Bradley's loss has hurt maybe the most. Bradley's life was not in vain. He was able to deliver information back on a monster 25 million dollar heroin shipment soon to arrive in Hawaii. McGarrett decides not releasing Bradley's name and keeping his death under wraps. With more information needed on the heroin delivery, McGarrett travels to Maui and meets Chief Sato. They need another undercover officer to find more information on the heroin delivery. Sato finds the perfect candidate...A blonde Officer Valerie Bates. She has strong qualifications. 1. An expert marksman 2. An excellent 2nd in self-defense at the Academy 3. A degree in Criminal Psychology 4. Solid experience in Homicide, Narcotics, and Robbery. There's a cumbersome exchange with McGarrett and Sato and Bates. McG is worried about her safety. He just lossed a good friend in Bradley. An excellent and experienced HPD man. As she is the most qualified, McG relents and Bates is given the assignment. She now will be Karen Baker in her undercover assignment. It's probably the intelligent decision. There weren't many women police officers in the 1970's compared to the force now. Also, a criminal types first thought wouldn't think of a woman as an undercover cop.

    Karen Baker is played by Carolyn Lynley with an icy indifference or non-chalance. She maintains that type of attitude throughout the episode. Baker quickly makes her 1st connection with Kimo Hameo near the beach. He has been forced into the drug smuggling operation because he owed some gambling markers. These were picked up by syndicate man, Martin Lynch. His debt will be settled when the heroin shipment soon arriving are stored in little wooden tiki statues and later shipped. Kimo assists his Uncle Kale at his Uncle's Tiki Shop. The Uncle is not seen in the episode I think a small negative in the show. Later, Kimo explains that the drugs in the tiki cannot be detected in X-rays or by the dogs.

    Kimo soon takes Karen Baker to meet Lynch and Surfer at Lynch's place. It's a very attractive place with a pool. Lynch has several friends and guests over at his residence. Some are allowed to stay at his house. Cocaine is found in her little compact and Lynch admonishes her for it. Surfer tests it out and it's the real thing. Baker is allowed to stay. The cocaine is discarded. Surfer later learns Karen Baker has a record in California and Oregon.

    Barker's undercover operation continues as she plants a bug in the telephone so the HFO team can listen in to the conversations at Lynch's place. Chin Ho is seen during the episode conducting surveillance across from Lynch's residence. He's inside a TV truck. It's strange that the observant and suspicious Lynch and Surfer never noticed the truck. None of the friends and guests do as well.

    Baker and Kimo spend much of the episode together as she tries to find more information about the heroin shipment. Kimo is hesitant to talk about his situation but Karen gains his trust over the few days. He admits that Lynch had paid some gambling markers for him and he must repay that by working in this operation. He shows her the Tiki Shop. His Uncle Kale's place. The heroin "H" will be stored in the little wooden tikis and later moved. Baker makes a good point about Lynch and Surfer owning him. If this is a success, why would they just do it this 1 time? Using the wooden Tikis disguising the heroin...They most likely would continue smuggling the drugs this way. Kimo decides to make Karen Baker his partner. This is allowed but the money for Baker will be taken out of Kimo's share. Kimo finds the bug Baker planted in the phone from the reflection in the desk glass. He decides to pocket the bug saving Baker's life. He easily could have given the bug to Lynch or Surfer. Thanks to the bug information, the HFO team learns where and when the shipment will arrive. Kimo saved her life in the room and Baker reveals that she can help him. They have a conversation outside. Surfer learns that Karen Baker is a HFO plant. Her real name is Bates. She's police over on Maui.

    Thaler arrives with the heroin drifting in on a small raft from the ship. He is part of the drug smuggling ring too. The shipment of heroin is taken back to the Tiki Shop where it's supposed to be placed in the tikis there. Instead, Lynch states he's doing his own mailing service taking the little wooden back where he will do it. Surfer confronts Kimo at the Tiki Shop. He states Baker has played him. She's really a cop. Surfer wants Kimo to kill Baker. Kimo cannot kill Baker and instead goes after Surfer. This would be the time for Bates AKA Baker self-defense talents and expert marksman prowess to be utilized. She fails here and should have picked up Surfer's gun and had Kimo tie Surfer's arms or wrists and secure him until police arrives. Instead, Kimo and Baker run away and Sufer picks up his weapon giving chase. During the chase, Surfer shoots Kimo killing him. He protected her from death. McG on a copter jumps down onto Surfer. This was very dangerous. Surfer could have turned and fired killing McG. With Surfer apprehended, McG returns to where Baker had rolled into the ditch. Baker shows some emotion as Kimo expires. It's a shame we will never see what Kimo would have done with his life. Thaler and Lynch were apprehended earlier. The episode ends.

    Angel In Blue deserves a 1.25 star out of 4. There are too many things that have to go just right. It's a very razor thin margin. Think about it for a minute. 1. Baker has to meet Kimo. 2. This Kimo has to decide he likes Karen and take her with him. 3. He has to bring Karen Baker to Lynch's place. 4. Lynch MUST agree to have Karen stay there. 5. Karen has to plant the bug without being seen. There's plenty of people including Lynch and Surfer walking in and out. 6. The TV truck cannot be discovered monitoring the Lynch's residence etc.

    I would give positive remarks for Lynch and Surfer. They were legitimate criminal types and I liked their presence on the screen. Also, I enjoyed how it would work placing the heroin in the wooden tikis. It seemed plausible the drugs could be smuggled in this manner and most likely without detection.

    Kimo was not anywhere in Lynch and Surfer's league in criminality. He seemed nervous and unsure of himself. My guess Kimo would have been a loose end if they continued to use this tiki method. Well, that's my review. What did you think about Angel In Blue? JC

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    Never understood the hate for this episode. It’s actually one of the better ones from the season. Plus it has a good Morton Stevens score to boot!

    I know that I used to also like When Does a War End (I thought it was one of the better ones of the season too) but it’s definitely gone downhill since I rewatched it some years ago. Mostly because of David Dukes who’s completely ineffective as the psycho type. He looks like he’s about to take a crap at the end while trying to kill Muromoto. Laughably bad!!! I mean the episode is nowhere near Tread the King’s Shadow level of bad, but it’s definitely not good.

    Angel in Blue on the other hand held up quite well on a rewatch.

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    A DEATH IN THE FAMILY REVIEW (Season 10) 3 Stars Out Of 4.
    For 10 Seasons and nearly 240 episodes, Chin Ho Kelly was an important member of the HFO Team. His sudden murder in A Death In The Family is memorable and shocking. It seems like yesterday my sister informed me one morning she watched an episode that Chin Ho gets killed. "YOU HAVE TO BE JOKING!" I declared. I had seen many of the Classic HFO episodes on the double shot of HFO Sunday nights over a few years. Some weeks later, I was still up and my sister walked into my room. A Death In The Family is on now! The episode Chin Ho is killed!" I remember watching it and still can't believe it over 30 years later. The respected Detective Chin Ho killed and dumped out like garbage outside of HFO steps.

    In A Death In The Family, the hard-working and respected Detective, Chin Ho Kelly, is shot and murdered after being exposed during an undercover operation in Chinatown. His killer, Jimmy Rego, is a rising member of the Kumu. The Hawaiian Mafia. Chin Ho had been working at a Chinatown billiards place. Both Chin and the Uncle had been approached by 2 of the Kumu soldiers (Liu & Napali). They were to pay protection money. From all accounts, Chin and the Uncle weren't paying it. He wanted to meet their boss first. The Boss, Jimmy Rego, changes things up on the time meeting and deciding to meet Chin now. Chin is placed in a difficult position and agrees to go with Liu and Napali. Chin is unlucky as Rego had also spent time in SF and tricks Chin. Rego explains that the man in front of him is really Chin Ho Kelly. A member of HFO. Outnumbered 3 to 1, Chin assesses the situation and strikes out at Rego who is now angry. Chin is murdered off-screen and is later dumped outside HFO Headquarters. There are several questions about Chin's undercover assignment.
    1. Why is the recognizable and well-known Detective utilized in the 1st place? They could have used a younger HPD Man or somebody from the mainland. 2. Why not use the G-42 Kit they used in Season 8 The Case Against McGarrett to monitor Chin? You might remember McG had to go see Vashon in prison. McG was brave and courageous and they had him bugged to listen what Vashon was doing and talking about in the hostage situation at the jail. 3. Why would Chin decide to go with the men knowing that the HFO team and HPD would be in position later in the day? Maybe, he could have delayed meeting the boss with some kind of excuse.

    McGarrett and The HFO Team remember Chin fondly and continue to honor him by finding his killer. Suzy, his daughter, arrives from the mainland to attend Chin Ho's funeral. She has grown up to be a beautiful woman and 1 of Chin's 8 children. One of her best friends is Kini Pahoa. She just happens to be Jimmy Rego's girlfriend and the daughter of Kumu Mob Boss, Cappy Pahoa. Suzy shows her Detective skills locating and taking Jimmy Rego's gun from his place. Most likely the murder weapon. She hands it over to McGarrett. Pahoa is facing more heat from McG when it is discovered the vehicle that brought over the exploding container of fortune cookies killing Yung Sen...It was from Pahoa's fleet of Restaurant Supply Vans. The discovery of the Restaurant Supply vehicle undergoes forensic investigation and Liu and Napali are shown to be in this van. They are part of Pahoa's organization. Jimmy Rego, the prime suspect, also is under Pahoa's employ. Later, Pahoa gives up Jimmy Rego's location to McG fir 3 reasons at least: 1. Too much heat Rego. He already admitted to killing Chin Ho. 2. Cappy doesn't want Rego to marry his daughter, Kini. 3. Thinking Ahead. Cappy knows Rego is both ambitious and impulsive. He could someday soon try and knock off Pahoa. Also, Cappy knows Rego murdered Chin Ho from their conversation. It was very realistic watching McG pound away on Rego. McG is releasing all that anger over Chin's death hammering away on this ruthless killer. Chin Ho's killer is apprehended. I would give A Death In The Family 3 stars due to the death of HFO Detective Chin Ho Kelly. It is an important episode from that standpoint. JC

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    ALONG CAME JOEY REVIEW (Season 1 1968-1969) 3.25 Out Of 4 Stars.
    I have decided to return to Season 1 after finishing a couple Season 10 Reviews. I tried to choose an episode I haven't watched in a few years. Along Came Joey was the one chosen. It was never 1 of my FAV episodes and I was never a big FAV of boxing episodes. However, I'm glad that I returned to Along Came Joey. It is better than I remembered. Excellent acting by Phil Kalama (Frank DeKova), the grieving and vengeful cop father, the striking blonde and Joey's girlfriend, Lois Walker (Jean Hale) and wealthy gambler Nick Morgan (Peter Mark Richman) elevate this episode from just another boxing story.
    The action starts quickly with "The Maui Kid" Joey Kalama squaring off in the ring with Torilino. Kalama is a promising young fighter ticketed for a possible title shot after a few more victories. In a flash, Torilino lands a punch flooring Joey. There is good photography and writing in this scene as he sees Danno, Lois, Phil, and others while down on the canvas. Through determination, honor, and pride, Joey Kalama rises to his feet beating the 10 count. A few moments later, Joey returns the favor knocking Torilino to the canvas winning by technical knockout. It's a stunning turn of events and Joey and his boxing family are in good spirits. After leaving with Lois from the boxing venue, they confront 2 hood types (Elroy and Sugar) who have their high beams on from the car. They are sent by Morgan who placed a heavy wager on Torilino as Joey Kalama should have taken a dive. Elroy and Sugar only were supposed to rough up Joey and teach him a lesson. It's strange this method was chosen. Boxers have great ability through training to absorb punches and blows. They are usually muscular and well-conditioned athletes. Joey fights back but eventually loses the 2 on 1 battle. Lois can do nothing with the high beams on and the 2 strong men in the confines of the alleyway. Sugar hammers Joey with a few blows to the head and upper body and the hoods leave. Joey dies from the blows and it's now murder. It makes sense that Elroy and Sugar were there just to rough Joey up. Otherwise, they would have just killed Lois too. She would have been a key witness against them.
    McGarrett and the HFO team arrive on the scene as well as Phil Kalama. He's Joey's father and a respected Maui cop. 23 years of service on the force. Lois doesn't have much information to say due to the blinding high beams being on and the shock and the brevity of the encounter. This angers and frustrates Phil. McG and the HFO team begin to speak to Joey's boxing family including his manager, Nat Keller and trainer, Luther. Both had positive things to say about Joey and that Joey Kalama was a title contender. He could have been champion with his skills and talent. McG later visits Nick Morgan, a wealthy gambler, who bet against Joey in the fight. He believed Torilino would be victorious. Phil Kalama arrives and becomes angry attacking Nick Morgan. Kalama and Morgan are separated and once outside...McG informs Kalama he's off the case. HFO will handle who killed Joey. Excellent photography highlights the Joey Kalama funeral scene including Phil placing a handful of dirt on Joey's coffin and a shot of Jesus Christ on the cross. Phil later returns to the ring the site of Joey's last fight. Pictures of Lois, Keller, Morgan flash through his mind. He is filled with anger and revenge. Phil pulls out his gun and decides to find out who killed Joey.
    Phil arrives at Lois Walker's photo shoot where she is directing the models. Kalama wants answers but Lois (The Girlfriend) instead gives him a key to The Ambassador Hotel where Keller is hiding. She says the information Keller would provide would make him want to blow his brains out. Kalama talks with Keller who holds up good until he mentions "taking a dive." Phil becomes angry and Keller, sensing an opportunity, knocks Phil off balance and starts running. Phil catches up to him and Keller loses his balance...Keller falls 10 stories to his death. Eyewitness descriptions would make it likely Phil Kalama was up on the floor where Keller fell to his death. There's a good debate with McG and the AG about Kalama. McG gives him another 24 hours. HFO intelligently keep Keller's death under wraps. Elroy and Sugar go to Keller's hideout room where they are apprehended. Sugar is the more knowledgeable about the law of the 2 and they don't incriminate themselves. They are booked instead for breaking and entering, weapons violations etc.
    Lois fails to pick Elroy out of the lineup and doesn't choose any in the lineup. Later, she admits that she killed Joey in a way. Joey was supposed to take a dive in the Torilino fight as the money would be utilized for their upcoming wedding. Joey had sold out to Morgan who Joey double-crossed by getting up off the canvas and defeating Torilino. Morgan had a healthy wager on Torilino. Lois silently nods to McG signaling Elroy was 1 of the guys who roughed up Joey. Elroy then later implicates himself and Sugar in McG's smart conversation. Phil waits for Kono to leave from his Morgan surveillance. Tired of waiting, he places a phony Riot Call. Kono leaves reluctantly and now Kalama is face to face with Morgan.

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    ENGAGED TO BE BURIED REVIEW 4 STARS ⭐⭐⭐⭐ out of 4 ⭐⭐⭐⭐.

    This is my #1 episode of Classic HFO for around 2 years now. It's a masterpiece episode Engaged To Be Buried. The episode centers on the Vidalgo Criminal Enterprise as well as a star-crossed love relationship between Rono Vidalgo and Chin Ho's daughter, Alia. They have a secretive relationship as Alia cannot bring Rono home to meet her father HFO Detective Chin Ho Kelly. Shako Vidalgo is played by a JC FAV Simon Oakland. He is the father of 2 young adult sons Koa and Rono Vidalgo. His Star Island business appears to be thriving as they use extortion, force, and intimidation on local businesses in their protection racket. These business owners also agree putting Star Island coin operated games, laundry machines, pool tables, vending machines, and other things in their businesses and shops. Koa and Rono early in the episode visit a reluctant owner. He receives the message with a scratched pool table and later a car bombing outside his place of business. The Vidalgos have avoided prosecution due to their smarts and tight-lipped family operation. Also, there hasn't been any 1 brave and courageous enough to go to trial. I believe there was 1 man who stepped forward but was killed.

    Engaged To Be Buried flows smoothly from scene to scene and the actors all are on point and do excellent work. Koa and Rono meet their match when they run up against a retired Chicago cop Carson. He's not afraid of them and has retired to Hawaii. He's invested most of his money into the new bowling alley and won't be bullied or intimidated. Like in an earlier scene, Bernie sets up one of his car bombs in front of the bowling alley. An alert surveillance police realizes this trying to stop the car and stop the bomb. It plows into Alia's friend Pam and her car. Pam has a new job at the bowling alley. She later dies from her injuries.

    There are many memorable scenes in Engaged To Be Buried. Rono's flight to Father Jack's, Father Jack marrying the young Rono and Alia, the car bombs at the pool place and by the bowling alley, Chin Ho showing the damage done by the Vidalgos at HFO Headquarters, Father Jack later shot by Rono etc. This is a star-crossed love relationship that can never work. It's still fascinating to watch and see how it plays out. Perhaps Rono could have been a respected man and worked his own business later in life. In death, Rono is frozen in time. A young violent criminal. JC

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    Didn't We Meet At A Murder? 4 Stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐Out Of 4 ⭐⭐⭐⭐.
    This is 1 of my FAV episodes of HFO. It's very creative how the 3 people Bonnie Soames, Frank Wellman, and Clem Brown are blackmailed into killing syndicate man Mr. Mauritany. The 3 all shoot Mauritany at the hotel using specially designed silencer weapons. They alibi each other during the HFO rinse and wash interrogation cycle and HFO have little to go on. MCG sends Chin Ho out for some field surveillance on the Lanai Carpet Company. It pays dividends when Wellman receives an envelope. It doesn't make any sense to hand Wellman the package. He completed his mission and doesn't appear to have any nervousness or threats to call police. Wellman is an ironic name as he soon is not well. Becoming a dead man. Suicide most likely jumping off several stories or a little push from Clem Brown. The carpet company location is used to tunnel into the Federal Bank. I wish there were more scenes of them digging and working their way into the bank. There's a Season 10 episode at a record store where people are digging. Also I wish the conspirators were placing the money into different bags. They are seen emerging with the money already. This could have been the perfect crime but McG and the HFO team chipped away and were persistent. I think Didn't We Meet At A Murder? would appeal to older and newer Classic HFO fans. It's a very interesting story and the acting is excellent from all the participants. I currently have Didn't We Meet At A Murder at #6 of my greatest Classic HFO episodes. That's high praise indeed. JC

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    Here are my Grades Hawaii Five-O For Classic Hawaii Five-O Season 1 (1968-1969) according to the Four Star ⭐⭐⭐⭐ System here on the Forum. I also utilize Half Stars but no Quarter Stars. Episodes either will jump up to a full 3 or 4 stars or be at 2.5 or 3.5.
    Season 1 Classic HFO (1968-1969) 4 Star ⭐⭐⭐⭐ System
    Pilot-Cocoon Part I and II----3.5 Stars
    1. Full Fathom Five----3.5 Stars
    2. Strangers In Our Own Land----2.5 Stars
    3. Tiger By The Tail----3 Stars ⭐⭐⭐
    4. Samurai----3.5 Stars
    5. And They Painted Daisies On His Coffin...---- 3 Stars ⭐⭐⭐
    6. Twenty-Four Karat Kill----2.5 Stars
    7. The Ways Of Love----4 Stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐
    8. No Blue Skies----3 Stars ⭐⭐⭐
    9. By The Numbers----3.5 Stars
    10. Yesterday Died And Tomorrow Won't Be Born----4 Stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐
    11. Deathwatch----3 Stars ⭐⭐⭐
    12. Pray Love Remember, Pray Love Remember---- 2 Stars ⭐⭐
    13. King Of The Hill----4 Stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐
    14. Up Tight----2 Stars ⭐⭐
    15. Face Of The Dragon----2.5 Stars
    16. The Box----3 Stars ⭐⭐⭐
    17. One For The Money----3.5 Stars
    18. Along Came Joey----3 Stars ⭐⭐⭐
    19. Once Upon A Time I and II 20. ----3 Stars ⭐⭐⭐
    21. Not That Much Different----1.5 Stars
    22. Six Kilos----2.5 Stars
    23. The Big Kahuna----2.5 Stars

    Some Quick Thoughts. I really enjoy By The Numbers but couldn't quite give it 4 Stars. Decided to round up for The Ways Of Love episode. Love watching McGarrett undercover in prison and his escape with Barca. Giving it the 4 Stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐ honor. King Of The Hill is a definite 4 Stars episode. Yaphet Kotto had an exceptional performance here as CPL John Auston. 1 of the 1st episodes I've watched of Classic HFO. Yesterday Died And Tomorrow Won't Be Born has earned 4 Stars. A few years ago, I had it at 3.5 stars marking it down for the ending as Trinian takes his time to ascend the staircase. Danno arrives just in time. I decided that wasn't enough to downgrade it to 3.5 so I have it the full 4 stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐. It was a winding staircase so it might take longer to ascend. Two episodes that I enjoy Six Kilos and The Big Kahuna have some flaws that I've watched over time. Have to put them at 2.5. Samurai is 1 of the 1st episodes I watched. It's 1 of my FAVS and 3.5 sounds about right. Not That Much Different I believe is the weakest episode of Season 1. Full Fathom Five is a strong opening episode for the Series. It's a perfect 3.5 star episode for me. Reese is very charming and smooth. You can see why his plan worked for many months. JC

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    YES, MY DEADLY DAUGHTER REVIEW (SEASON 9) CLASSIC HAWAII FIVE-O. 3.25 Stars ⭐⭐⭐ .25 Out of 4 Stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐.

    Yes, My Deadly Daughter is 1 of my FAV Season 9 Episodes and in the entire 12 year run. There's a spectacular introduction when Ray Vincent returns from Europe with 4 million dollars of laundered money. He's been helicoptered 🚁 to a secret forest location in Oahu and met by Lou Benson. They are employed by syndicate boss Chang Liu. Within a few minutes, Benson, Vincent and the Helicopter 🚁 Pilot are all surrounded and murdered by the powerful Wo Chings street gang. The Wo Ching leader ,Jerry Quan, has been given special inside information by Lee Mai Liu, the 20 something daughter of the syndicate boss Chang Liu. It is interesting the 3 men are not taken somewhere and used to collect more money 💰 for ransom. Instead, they are killed and bodies placed in the forest. Bobby Kalani, a young hunter, finds the bodies and is later beaten up by the Wo Chings. I find it implausible his name and address would be released that early in an important investigation.

    Loyalty and Oaths are important themes in Yes, My Deadly Daughter. Jerry as the leader of the Wo Chings shows his loyalty to the gang hiding the money in the water tower. Not splitting and flying somewhere with the money 4 million. Wo Chings have taken an oath of silence. They don't talk about things or other members. Varna shows his loyalty to his boss Chang Liu finding out who is behind the brazen murders and money stealing. HFO shows their loyalty in the devotion of truth and justice. Finding who killed Benson, Jerry, Vincent, The Helicopter Pilot.

    Chang Liu becomes very upset losing 4 million dollars and the deaths of top associates. He gives Varna the task of finding out who is responsible and recovering the money 💰. Lee Mai and Jerry Quan are boyfriend and girlfriend and make a good team. They celebrate the success of the money and mission at Lee Mai's house. This is strange as Lee Mai usually is at her father, Chang Liu's place. Interrupting things when she enters his office room. Varna is right about being an inside job. Who could know when the helicopter 🚁 was arriving? Also where would they find about the location?

    Varna conducts an investigation and pieces it together that Lee Mai was the information source. Innocently interrupting things in her father's office. She would know about the important dates and times and things. Lee Mai sells out Jerry to Varna who kills Jerry at the Wo Chings meeting area. HFO enters this meeting place but do not find the 4 million dollars. Lee Mai and Varna both barely escape the HFO team presence there.

    Lee Mai memorizes the map location Jerry had given her. She is the only person to know where the 4 million is hidden. In the water tower. She burns the map very quickly as Varna arrives. This is 1 of the weaknesses of the episode. The map is on fire 🔥 pretty good and looks mostly like ash but Che Fong is able to put it back together in nearly perfect condition. The whole business about going to her friend's house and about going and finding the money in the morning...Another weakness. I think it would have made better sense staying at Lee Mai's place for the night. Or staying at a hotel. The episode climaxes as Varna proves his loyalty to Chang Liu. He contacts Chang Liu sometime later about the location of the money and who is responsible. Chang Liu is quietly waiting hidden from sight. Lee Mai is given a chance to save herself by her Father but she refuses. Thanks to Che Fong's map reconstruction, HFO team find the water tower location and round up Chang Liu, Lee Mai, and Varna and the money.

    I would give Yes, My Deadly Daughter 3.25 stars. The acting is excellent throughout especially Jerry, Lee Mai, and Varna. Lee Mai could be incredibly cold-hearted and a poisonous type woman. Lee Mai wanted to prove that she could outsmart her father and mastermind a caper. Sacrificing Jerry showed that she was superficial. All about herself. Wanting all the money. A great episode! JC

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    In The Finishing Touch, Norman Cargill (George Voskovec) is a respected document authentication expert. He has recruited an attractive woman, Maxine Taylor, (Lynn Carlin), to work with him on a caper involving municipal bonds. Maxine is also Cargill's girlfriend. McG and the HFO team become involved when Maxine's bond becomes into question. Whether it is legitimate or not. McG decides to bring in respected document authentication expert, Norman Cargill, to authenticate her bond and look through many valuable bonds. HFO and McG do not know Cargill is involved but the aging examiner is losing his eyesight and will no longer be able to do his job effectively. This is his time to have a successful score. Cargill has most likely burned through most of his money over his career. It's strange a man of his specialty did not earn more money 💰. Cargill tries to pull off the perfect crime effectively killing the brilliant printer of the perfect duplicate bonds, Raymond Sakai. I think Sakai was similar to Carlson The Printer in For A Million...Why Not? He would not have talked but Cargill can't take any chances. Later, Cargill eliminates Olivia Hillis an employee to make it appear she was involved. A Finishing Touch takes a twist when McG and the HFO team watch the document expert Cargill while he is determining which bonds are legitimate and which are fake. Cargill makes his mistake calling up Maxine but realizes this and doesn't complete the call. Cargill notices some dirt up in the ceiling that falls in his work area and guesses correctly that he's being watched. With Hillis killed and looks like she's disappeared and guilty, Cargill and Taylor think they will get away with the perfect crime. McG however is too smart remembering Cargill calling someone during his work authenticating the bonds. Both Cargill and Taylor are apprehended. McG's friendship with Cargill cannot survive as Cargill murdered 2 people during his brilliant plan.
    The episode ends.

    I think A Finishing Touch is an interesting episode. It might have worked better if Cargill was more like HRH in The Last Of The Great Paperhangers. Avoiding the killing of Raymond the Printer and Olivia Hillis. He doesn't appear the murdering type especially with his respected career as a document authenticating expert. I don't understand how Cargill had little money 💰 considering he had a specialty. It seemed he would be sought after in his career. I think McG believing that Cargill was involved was far-fetched. He was a friend of McG and had no criminal record. They also brought Cargill into the matter. This is an episode that I enjoy sometimes and then other times dislike. I'm probably more negative about it this time around. JC

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