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Thread: *** John Chergi's Five-O Review Thread ***

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    JC New Top 10 Classic HFO 🌊 Episode List July 10, 2023.
    1. Hookman
    2. The Vashon Trilogy
    3. To Kill Or Be Killed
    4. Highest Castle, Deepest Grave
    5. Engaged To Be Buried
    6. The Ninety Second War Part I
    7. Didn't We Meet At A Murder?
    8. Draw Me A Killer
    9. King Of The Hill
    10. Yesterday Died And Tomorrow Won't Be Born

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    That is a pretty solid list. Personally, I'd have to have Lewis Avery Filer in there. Hookman and Vashon are definitely consensus top tier of all-time

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    I hate to be repetitive, but that's technically 12 episodes.

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    JC AUGUST 1, 2023 Top 50 FAV Episodes List (1968-1980).

    1. The Ninety-Second War Part I
    2. Engaged To Be Buried
    3. Hookman
    4. The Vashon Trilogy (Sorry, Bobbi)
    5. To Kill Or Be Killed
    6. Draw Me A Killer
    7. Highest Castle 🏰, Deepest Grave
    8. King Of The Hill
    9. Didn't We Meet At A Murder?
    10. Honor Is An Unmarked Grave 🪦
    11. The Singapore File
    12. Beautiful Screamer
    13. The Late John Louisiana
    14. Double Exposure
    15. All The King's Horses 🐎
    16. F.O.B. Honolulu
    17. Yesterday Died And Tomorrow Won't Be Born
    18. Why Wait Until Uncle Kevin Dies?
    19. I'm A Family Crook---Don't Shoot!
    20. Over Fifty? Steal
    21. And A Time To Die...
    22. East Wind, Ill Wind
    23. Forty Feet High 🌊 And It Kills!
    24. The Double Wall 🧱🧱
    25. Nightmare In Blue
    26. Nine Dragons 🐉
    27. The Bells 🔔 Toll At Noon
    28. The Reunion
    29. I'll Kill'Em Again
    30. By The Numbers
    31. Murder---Eyes Only
    32. The Flip Side Is Death
    33. Cry, Lie
    34. The Defector
    35. Trouble In Mind
    36. Mother's Deadly Helper
    37. One Big Happy Family
    38. Yes, My Deadly Daughter
    39. Computer 🖥️ Killer
    40. A Gun For McGarrett
    41. Legacy Of Terror
    42. Oldest Profession...Latest Price
    43. A Bullet For McGarrett
    44. Ten Thousand Diamonds 💎 And A Heart ❤️
    45. Full Fathom Five
    46. Death Is A Company Policy
    47. Samurai🗡️
    48. The Last Of The Great Paper Hangers
    49. How To Steal A Masterpiece 🖼️
    50. Number One With A Bullet

    Still a work in progress. Trying to get it "letter ✉️ perfect." HFO 🌊 has so many quality depth of episodes. Will continue to move episodes up and down. August 1!!! Next month, Bobbi will begin the 50th Anniversary Series Episodes 🌊. A highlight here on the Classic HFO 🌊 Forum. JC

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    John, I doubt you’ll ever be able to get your list “letter perfect” because it’ll always change depending on your mood or what you feel like watching that day. One day you’ll enjoy a specific episode and then you’ll watch that same episode months later and think it’s the best thing ever. Then a few months later it might not be the best thing ever… but still very good. It all depends on what you’re in the mood for that specific day.

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    It would make more sense if you stuck to a Top 10 or Top 20 format. What does the current list mean, those are ALL the "good" episodes and those that are not on the list are not good?

    It is also suggested the first in the list is 4.0 out of 4.0, the second is 3.97, the third is 3.94, the fourth is 3.91, etc., etc.

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    JC New Top 10 Classic HFO 🌊 List August 25, 2023.

    1. Highest Castle 🏰, Deepest Grave 🪦
    2. King 👑 Of The Hill
    3. Draw Me A Killer
    4. Hookman
    5. F.O.B. Honolulu
    6. Didn't We Meet At A Murder?
    7. The Vashon Trilogy (1,2,3)
    8. East Wind, Ill Wind
    9. The Ninety-Second War Part I
    10. Honor Is An Unmarked Grave 🪦

    Want to thank all the great Classic HFO 🌊 fans that presented different FAV episodes and lists on Mr. Mike's forum over the years. Also, the ones who presented their lists here on Todd's Classic HFO 🌊 Forum. It should be a great project my Top 50 episodes. I will turn "50" May 2024 and can wait until April 30 or May 1, 2025 at the latest. Stars ⭐ seem to be aligning. Going to get it letter perfect.

    Regards, JC

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