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    I've been watching Five-O episodes for so many years and yet until yesterday I literally had no idea about the past career of Peggy Ryan (Jenny) as a singing/dancing star at Universal in over a dozen movies, most with Donald O'Connor but also one with Abbott and Costello (1945-"Here Come The Co-Eds") that I saw many times growing up because A+C movies were a weekly routine on WPIX-Channel 11 in New York. I don't think I'll ever look at an episode with Jenny again in quite the same light!

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    The humor in that movie is pretty lame! I know who Abbott and Costello were, but I've never paid them much attention. I think they were sort of like the "Two Stooges."

    I have put a brief section of the film here:

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    A clip from one of her many pairings with Donald O'Connor.

    They should have given her a spotlight episode and had O'Connor play a former love interest of hers accused of murder!

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