This For A Million...Why Not? is up there as 1 of my FAV episodes. It's an eclectic group (Blumberg, Carol, Galvin, Hawkins, Noonan). They all join forces to steal 6 million dollars from the bank. Carol works inside the bank and is the "inside woman" in this case. She feeds the rest of the group information. Mr. McG is away due to a court trial he needs to attend. Danno leads the case and does an excellent job. This is a very creative episode. 1. Galvin's anxiety attack at the beginning which forces the Bank President Shaw to move the reserve cash to other branches. 2. The group's use of the rakes to cover the truck tire tracks after killing the guards. 3.Utilizing the Tiki Gods where they worked to ship off the armored bank car to Oakland. 4. Hawkins designing the special bullets to pierce through and killing the guards. What do you think about For A Million...Why Not? JC