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Thread: No Bottles... No, Really at 50!

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    Tonight 50 years ago, CBS aired S04E02 "No Bottles...No Cans...No People".

    This is classic Five-O with all the elements present.

    Slimy gangster Johnny Oporta (Henry Darrow) is trying to not only monopolize the gangster activities in the islands, he's trying to bring the mob in from the mainland. Of course, McGarrett won't stand for any of it. Especially when the Feds are watching. Johnny either leans on other pimps or kills them outright. He also has an ingenious way to dispose the bodies. Turns out Johnny has an inside track at a trash incinerator via Furtado (Ron Feinberg). Johnny's thugs knock them off then put them in dumpsters. The hapless souls are picked up by Furtado's crane and dropped in the flames. Yikes!

    Johnny keeps going, knocking off Peter Yano (Danny Kaleikini). Everything is smooth sailing until Peter's girlfriend Sally Hodges (Beth Brickell) decides to take matters into her own hands. It doesn't end well for her and she's Johnny's end. Sally is an unexpected, extra body that Johnny has to get rid of and he enlists Furtado's help to do so. Furtado isn't doing this for free as we later see when Danno and Kono find thousands of dollars in a car that Furtado is supposedly restoring. As well, Sally had been in a car accident and pins were used to put a broken arm together. The pins are the only thing to survive the incinerator!

    In the end, not only does Johnny fail in his attempt to take over the islands for the mob, he's arrested on seven counts of murder (I think that was the final number).

    Mr. Mike, as usual, has a fantastic review of the episode here:

    Again, not one of my favorites, but a very solid episode all the way around. I like the fact they treat the digger, Spooner ("Lippy" Espinda) with respect and they don't look down upon him. Beth Brickell is also excellent in this episode as the edgy Sally. She knows well the world in which she lives and that Peter isn't going to get justice unless she makes certain herself. Henry Darrow is also really good as Johnny, bringing the slimier parts of the smooth talking gangster to the surface.

    It should also be noted that one of the thugs that helps Johnny in his pursuits is played by Al Harrington who would later be Ben in Seasons 5-7.

    Happy 50th, No Bottles...No Cans...No People!!

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    Great write-up on No Bottles...No Cans...No People... I thought using the trash incinerator was a creative and inventive way to dispose of bodies. Classic Hawaii Five-O usually has interesting stories. You are right about Sally. She really stood out to me. I think she was brave and courageous going after Oporta. I'm a sucker for these letters from the grave things. It happens in Death Is A Company Policy too. I don"t know if Oporta was bold and daring or just stupid to use the trash incinerator again. One of my FAV Feinberg roles as Furtado. Solid episode but not in my personal Top 20. Happy 50th Anniversary No Bottles...No Cans...No People... JC

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