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Thread: Hawaii Five-O airing on MeTV Plus and Pluto TV

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    Did you know that H5O is popping up on the new MeTV Plus station around the country? It airs 20 hours a week currently (M-F evenings with 3 episodes per night, and Sunday afternoons with 5 episodes). Here’s the schedule…

    It’s also getting a dedicated 24-hour channel on the free Pluto TV app, too.

    And of course for paying customers, it streams on Paramount+ too.

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    Some of these stats are amazing -- at 20 hours a week, they could cycle through the whole Classic series in 14 weeks.

    Does anyone know if the reboot is being streamed anywhere? When it got to a certain number for syndication, there was a big deal about how it was going to be streamed on TNT (for which CBS was paid something like a million dollars per episode), but I read somewhere that this turned out to be kind of a big flop.
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    Wow, that’s a lot of classic television there. Including obscure shows like BROKEN ARROW (with Michael Ansara) and IRON HORSE (with Five-O alums Bob Random and Gary Collins) which I’ve never seen nor do I remember ever appearing in syndication. Even MATT HOUSTON from the 80s is something I never saw pop up in syndication. I don’t think I have this channel though. I have the regular ME-TV but not this one.

    As for Five-Zero it’s shown in syndication on IonTv. Sometimes when I flip through channels I see it on. But I never stick around for it. It’s the same channel that shows all those Law & Order’s.

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    For anyone that’s interested, ME-TV PLUS, which airs lots of classic cop shows (including our beloved H5O)and Westerns that aren’t featured on the flagship Me-TV channel, just became available on FRNDLY-TV for $6.99/mo (with annual subscription) or $9.99/mo (monthly subscription).

    It’s also on Philo TV, another streaming service which is a little more expensive. Both are good options since ME-TV PLUS isn’t carried in many local markets via over-the-air antenna, compared to the flagship station.

    FRNDLY TV and Philo TV also carry the sister stations (Me-TV, Catchy Comedy, Story, Movies! and Heroes & Icons aka H&I, which also runs H5O). So if for some reason you don’t have the H5O DVDs or digital copies and those stations aren’t shown locally in your area, you have other ways to enjoy the show via streaming. It’s also running on Pluto TV and Amazon Freevee.

    Honestly, this is probably the most national TV exposure the series has had since the late 90s, when it aired on The Family Channel, WGN, and various local stations.

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    When I calm down enough, I'll give Paramount+ another chance.

    They give a military discount for the monthly fee and that would make it worth my while. However, the code I entered was "invalid". Once I *finally* got a hold of customer service, the guy said it's a known problem they're having. Hopefully, it'll get straightened out soonish.

    I already have Sling but it looks like Frndly has all the channels I would watch Well, except for FS1 and USA that I need when NASCAR starts up again.

    But I agree JeffH, this is a LOT of TV exposure for not only H5O, but all these older television shows. It's brilliant! What does that tell you about the current selections being fed us?

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    Yeah you can watch Five-O for free on Amazon. You don’t even need to subscribe to Amazon Prime. Just regular Amazon account will do, which I’m sure everyone has. Can’t imagine anyone not having an Amazon account. Virtually everything I buy that gets delivered to me comes from Amazon.

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