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Thread: Hawaii Five-O airing on MeTV Plus and Pluto TV

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    Did you know that H5O is popping up on the new MeTV Plus station around the country? It airs 20 hours a week currently (M-F evenings with 3 episodes per night, and Sunday afternoons with 5 episodes). Here’s the schedule…

    It’s also getting a dedicated 24-hour channel on the free Pluto TV app, too.

    And of course for paying customers, it streams on Paramount+ too.

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    Some of these stats are amazing -- at 20 hours a week, they could cycle through the whole Classic series in 14 weeks.

    Does anyone know if the reboot is being streamed anywhere? When it got to a certain number for syndication, there was a big deal about how it was going to be streamed on TNT (for which CBS was paid something like a million dollars per episode), but I read somewhere that this turned out to be kind of a big flop.
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    Wow, that’s a lot of classic television there. Including obscure shows like BROKEN ARROW (with Michael Ansara) and IRON HORSE (with Five-O alums Bob Random and Gary Collins) which I’ve never seen nor do I remember ever appearing in syndication. Even MATT HOUSTON from the 80s is something I never saw pop up in syndication. I don’t think I have this channel though. I have the regular ME-TV but not this one.

    As for Five-Zero it’s shown in syndication on IonTv. Sometimes when I flip through channels I see it on. But I never stick around for it. It’s the same channel that shows all those Law & Order’s.

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