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Thread: 3,000 Crooked Miles To Honolulu is 50

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    Tonight, CBS aired S04E04 "3,000 Crooked Miles To Honolulu".

    This episode begins with a bang and kind of fizzles due to the convoluted plot. Buddy Ebsen of "The Beverly Hillbillies" and "Barnaby Jones" fame acts against type as a mathematical genius trying to rip off Honolulu. It involves stolen travel checks and a whole bunch of people. It also includes the mob, although the scheme seems small fry for them.

    McGarrett and the Five-O team are tripped up more than once while trying to outsmart Ebsen's Professor Ambrose Pierce. There's even a scene where McGarrett is at a total loss when his friend, Elias Jordan (Bill Edwards), does indeed know the professor. McGarrett was certain the professor was a fake. Whoops! This is after a guy has a weird anxiety attack on the flight over to Honolulu. The guy is played by Glenn Cannon, who would later portray Manicote. In this episode, he's shot dead in the hospital!

    Mr. Mike does a much better job in his review to include the "this episode is a head scratcher":

    This episode would have been so much better if the execution was more streamlined and made more sense. On the up side, the Five-O team's determination comes through as we watch Danno and Kono searching for a missing secretary on a Sunday. Unfortunately, they find her stuffed in a garbage can.

    Also of note, there are several HPD patrol car scenes that will become stock footage and reused in future episodes. These shots are used to fetch Frank Okawa (Tommy Fujiwara) off the golf course. This is after being tipped that hot traveler checks are indeed being used in Honolulu.

    The episode wraps with a classic line from McGarrett, "Aloha, suckers!"

    Happy 50th, "3,000 Crooked Miles To Honolulu"!!

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    I've enjoyed 3,000 Crooked Miles To Honolulu with each watching over the years. Some quick things to mention: The blowing up of the armored car was a little overkill. A little ruse could have worked just as efficiently. A broken down car or sick kid needing help then the guys taking control of the guards. It seemed a dangerous and risky thing to use that rocket on the armored car. The checks could have been badly damaged. Maybe, burned or melted in some way. I liked the creativity of planting the travelers checks out East. I mean what are the odds the crew of thieves would use the checks in Hawaii. Buddy Ebsen delivered an outstanding performance as Professor Ambrose Pierce. There's plenty of killing in the episode. The young attractive secretary tasked with distributing the numbers. Also, the rambling sick guy on the plane is killed at the hospital. He's a loose end when he starts muttering about the checks. That scene when the mother is emotional when the young secretary (her daughter) doesn't return home always gets to me. It's a mother's love and an intuition. She knows her daughter is probably dead. It probably was too obvious to murder someone in the hospital. I felt sympathy for the nurse just doing her job. She would now be in protective custody. Mr. Mike made a good point about 119 different people. There would likely be a handful of people that would talk about it or a few who might grow a conscience and call HFO. It's hard to keep that many people in line. It probably was the right call not to choose to change the flight itinerary to arouse suspicion. Not flying out a few hours earlier, it allowed McG to put the puzzle together with the HFO team. I like this episode for it's creativity and excellent acting. I would give 3,000 Crooked Miles To Honolulu 3.5 stars out of 4. JC

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