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Thread: Finale or Ending Season Episodes Classic HFO

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    I was curious what would be your FAV end of Season episodes of Classic HFO. Wonder if the Forum Regulars would have similar responses or different ones.

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    The 2 best season finales for me would be season 4’s “R&R&R” and season 6’s “30,000 Rooms and I Have the Key”.

    The 2 worst are season 8’s “A Sentence to Steal” (yet another dull warehouse robbery episode) and season 11’s “The Year of the Horse” (for whatever reason I just can’t sit through this one). The latter doesn’t even feel like Five-O to me. And all I can ever picture is that mechanical monkey clanging those cymbals together. Lol.

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    I agree on R&R&R. It's a strong episode start to finish. Ralston is very creative and intelligent exacting revenge on his old command. They should have just let him attend OCS. LOL! There's also the amazing scene with Mrs. Nichols on the Officer Wives Tour. A scenic and spectacular view and then she plunges several feet off the high cliffs to her death. It's a shocking scene every time I watch it.
    30,000 Rooms was very good as well. I love his different disguises and we watch him making the key on his machine. It appeared McGarrett had him captured but he escaped down that rope. He finally cut it too close. I would say you picked the 2 I would pick. JC

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    Season One - The Big Kahuna
    Very "Hawaiian," but the whole business about the projection screen in Sam's yard is dumb. Sam having dementia is suggested, this should have been played up more.

    Season Two - Kiss the Queen Goodbye
    Brilliant color photography; the switch with the phony necklace is unbelievable.

    Season Three - The Grandstand Play
    Probably the best season finale, but it doesn't really fit in two hours, more like an hour and a half, it should have been fleshed out a bit.

    Season Four - R&R&R
    Topical show (Vietnam), but the villain has Superman-like capabilities. I don't like this show, but I might change my mind a bit.

    Season Five - Jury of One
    Well done, considering there are no guest stars, but the ending is rushed.

    Season Six - 30,000 Rooms and I have the key
    A rehash of sorts of Filer episodes with some plot holes. Not a favorite.

    Season Seven - 6,000 Deadly Tickets
    Don't think too hard regarding the "tickets," then it is more enjoyable. I didn't like this one much.

    Season Eight - A Sentence to Steal
    I think 3 stars was too much to give this show, which is relatively insignificant.

    Season Nine - Practical Jokes Can Kill You
    Continuity issues; Lee Purcell is a plus.

    Season Ten - A Death in the Family
    An "important" show, though what's with Chin Ho's daughter, Suzy? Her helping the Five-O team is silly. Manu Tupou is stately, Reni Santoni is slimy.

    Season Eleven - Year of the Horse
    Show attempts to match Nine Dragons with an "exotic" location, but there is too much going on. The show was running out of gas by this point.

    Season Twelve - Woe to Wo Fat
    A mediocre comic book ending to the series. Wo Fat should have been busted for good at the end of Nine Dragons. The lack of Duke and the Governor is a serious liability .

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    I'm a big fan of 6,000 Deadly Tickets. A few Classic scenes when the bomber throws the device left-handed. It makes an incredible explosion leaving the potential whistleblower Ollie Harris dead. Amazing how his office is blown out with paper and things floating in the wind. I would love how they constructed that scene. There's also the incredible canal chase with Jack Hogan's character shooting at McGarrett. I think he's also the bomber I mentioned earlier.
    Agree On Jury Of One. Solid very good episode. I love when the juror father picks up his little girl at the end. The old informant was right with his information and then becomes dead quick. I also enjoy how the HFO team narrows it down investigating the male jurors 1 by 1.

    A Death In The Family is a Classic as Chin Ho is murdered by Rego. I agree on some things that mark it down. 1. Placing the Veteran HFO Detective Chin Ho Kelly who was well-known instead of a younger HPD guy or mainlander. 2. Suzy's involvement in collecting Rego's gun and things. She's not a Detective of HFO. My guess the Defense team could have some challenges on the evidence. 3. I was curious why HFO didn't use the G-42 Kit they had to bug McG in The Case Against McGarrett. He exchanged the dignitaries and others safety for himself at the mercy of Vashon. It seemed effective that time. Probably on Chin too. I give A Death In The Family 3 stars out of 4 mostly because of Chin Ho's death. An important HFO member. I'm shocked everytime he's just dumped outside HFO Headquarters like garbage. JC

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    I wouldn’t say Jury of One has no guest stars. Ray Buktenica and Edward Binns are the two main guest stars. They’re definitely not local stock actors. Binns was one of the original 12 Angry Men and was in a slew of other big movies. Also Arthur Malet who plays the stoolie Artie Boland was in Mary Poppins and a bunch of other movies. He was British I believe. Also not a local stock actor. No idea why they didn’t give these actors the larger font in the end credits.

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    The presence of Malet, who plays Artie the bum stoolie, is very odd by virtue of the fact that he is very "English." Ray Buktenica was in Chain of Events (the "VD" show), where he was also relegated to the small type credits. Teru Shimada, who plays Rashiri in The Reunion, gets small type treatment which doesn't make any sense, because the entire plot revolves around his character!
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