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Thread: JC 4 Star Classic HFO Episodes

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    Some years back on Mr. Mike's Classic HFO Forum, I listed a few of my Top 6 star episodes. These were reserved for the greatest episodes. He was intrigued by the 6 star system I had created. Adapting here to the consistent 4 star system, I have to admit it is very difficult to select the top 4 star episodes. There are so many outstanding episodes. Here is a Quick 12 Episodes that I think deserve 4 stars. No particular order.
    1. Hookman
    2. Highest Castle, Deepest Grave
    3. Draw Me A Killer
    4. To Kill Or Be Killed
    5. Yesterday Died And Tomorrow Won't Be Born
    6. King Of The Hill
    7. Honor Is An Unmarked Grave
    8. Double Exposure
    9. Engaged To Be Buried
    10. Didn't We Meet At A Murder?
    11. Beautiful Screamer
    12. The Vashon Trilogy. I know they are separate episodes but listing them as 1 Unit. Have some more 4 star episodes but these 12 are a good discussion point. 3 episodes I've moved to 4 Star episodes include: Honor Is An Unmarked Grave, To Kill Or Be Killed, Yesterday Died...And Tomorrow Won't Be Born. How many of mine would be included in your Top 4 star episodes? What would be some of your 4 star episodes?

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    From your list I would grant 4 stars to:

    Draw Me a Killer
    Yesterday Died
    King of the Hill
    Beautiful Screamer
    The Vashon trilogy

    Maybe Didn’t We Meet. But most likely that’s a 3.5 stars. Or maybe 3.67891. Or maybe 3.7599999999. Well you get my drift.

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