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Thread: Air Cargo - 50 years later

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    Tonight, CBS aired S04E07 "Air Cargo -- Dial For Murder".

    A theft racket has been running unchecked at Asiam Cargo, that is until undercover agent Jerry Turner (Ward Benson) is killed at the beginning of the episode. His death brings an unwanted spotlight onto the whole operation, which has slimy people galore.

    The thefts are so bad, Joanna Grayson (Sheri Rice) dies because she doesn't get life-saving medicine in time. Her husband, Fred (Michael Strong), goes off the deep end.

    The head of this racket is Sullivan (Don Chastain) and he literally knocks off anyone getting in his way including Ling (James Hong). Poor Ling is found frozen in a cargo bin of toys in 'Tokyo'.

    In the end, Fred Grayson rigs a box with dynamite to kill Sullivan because he blames Sullivan for his wife's death. The episode ends with a literal bang when McGarrett throws the box over the cliff.

    Mr. Mike does a way better job in his review and gallery:

    This episode has so much potential but fails in several respects in execution and thus is a "meh" episode to me. Marion Ross makes another guest appearance on the show, this time as Anita Putnam, who is caught in the middle of the ring due to her daughter's drug use. It's Putnam that allows Five-O and the other agency they're working with (I think it's the Feds) to crack the ring.

    It's also a question whether they actually bust the guy for Turner's murder that set everything in motion. I don't know if they did.

    However, there are some shots that are re-used later in the series that begin in this episode including the three cargo trucks convoying at the airport.

    Happy 50th, Air Cargo -- Dial For Murder!!

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    Enjoying the 50 Year Anniversary posts. It makes me remember certain parts of an episode and why Classic HFO is still my #1 FAV show. I agree Air Cargo has plenty of potential but just not a Top 10 or Top 20 type episode. Mr. Mike has Air Cargo at 2.5 stars. I think it's right on the money.
    It's always incredible and stunning when watching that big load on the hoist dropping quickly on Turner. He probably would have been crushed and flattened badly. I used the rewind button 4 or 5x and it appears to be John Malcolm's figure hiding as Turner moves in position for his death. I wonder why Turner was killed at Air Cargo if he was indeed targeted as an informer. They easily could make it look like a street robbery or house break-in gone bad. Sure, McG & HFO Team would have to investigate Air Cargo as Turner was employed there. It would make the circle of suspects larger. Mr. Mike is right about these episodes where there are many accomplices and conspirators. It would be difficult to keep them all in line. Pulling on the same rope. There's usually a few who want a bigger slice of the pie or a couple who grow a conscience and call HFO. My guess the entire Air Cargo crew would have knowledge of it. Others more involved and some simply looking the other way.
    I was very impressed how they showed the Air Cargo ring theft led to the death of Joanna Grayson. The glucagon was taken and she needed it desperately to survive. Not slashing knife wounds or a few shots from a .38 but murder just the same. Anita seemed to get a break to me. You might remember Franklin in 6,000 Deadly Tickets was arrested for using the cut rate tickets. They didn't ask him to go undercover to flush out the ticket ring leader. McGarrett gave him that arrogant Bargain Hunting line. Mr. Mike makes a great point about the dynamite. I don't see how Fred Grayson would acquire it in a short time span. How or where he would obtain it. Sullivan thinks he was fortunate that the package exploded. There's no evidence left but Malcolm would be a key witness against him. I thought the Air Cargo theft ring was creative. It's nearly a perfect system. JC

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