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Thread: Dreadful S10 DVD PQ

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    Hi Mike,
    I don't recall if your S10 pages tell the story, but do you know what happened with the S10 discs? The packaging says "digitally remastered" like all the others but none of them clearly were. Awful blurry mess they are, aside from the usual acceptable (barely) close-ups. My assumption is by S10 the sets weren't selling well, and CBS went cheap and decided to skimp, and the subsequent outcry (such as it was) made them backtrack for S11-12. Thanks.

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    I don't think there was anything sinister like CBS wanting to save money by not doing a good job with remastering the season 10 box set.

    There is a simpler explanation which is that "someone fucked up."

    There was a huge stink about this at the time.

    They did remaster this season for its inclusion in a box set of the entire series which you can see on this page:

    If you click on the "review" link near the top, you will read Jeff's comments on season 10.

    I think that some streaming services may show the (really) remastered version of the 10th season, but don't quote me on this!

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    Interesting, thanks. I bought a different version of the box set twice and returned both due to the abysmal packaging getting the discs all scratched up. After that I just bought the seasons in their standalone form and was satisfied until they went to the single six-disc cases.

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