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Thread: "The Burning Ice" 50 years later

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    According to Mr. Mike's Five-O Homepage: CBS aired "The Burning Ice" 50 years ago tonight. (I know says something else, if I had my Five-O book handy, I'd know for sure).

    At any rate, we'll focus on "The Burning Ice" for now. A doctor's wife (Linda Ryan) is killed by a man (Lou Antonio) who shoots her dead then steals her jewelry. He shoots at the doctor (Jackie Cooper) when he was escaping. However, it becomes clear to McGarrett things aren't adding up like they should.

    Five-O's main lead is from a snitch/fence Charlie Ling (Tom Fujiwara) and Danno isn't taking any crap from the guy when Charlie starts double-talking. Charlie meets the 'killer' David Harper at Sea Life Park where Harper collapses in the gift shop after being chased by the Five-O team. They later learn Harper was a Contentious Objector and doesn't believe in killing. Harper's wife, Harriet (Loretta Leversee), backs this fact up.

    When Harper is being booked he collapses again. Turns out, he's dying of leukemia and soon passes with his wife at his bedside. The other part of the story is the Harper's son who is at a home for mentally challenged kids. It's expensive but the Harper's son has been taken care of - the doctor, Southmore, paid the home where the boy is.

    How McGarrett breaks the case consists of a boring machine and some minute measurements.

    Mr. Mike does a much better job at discussing the episode here:

    The episode ends with Five-O showing up at Southmore's house to arrest him. While not one of my favorites, I liked the shots at Sea Life Park and the team in civilian clothes. They start hustling when Harper decides to rabbit on the team.

    I also enjoyed the meet at the pizza parlor and the banter between Charlie and Danno. I also can't help but ogle the classic cars in Southmore's garage either!

    Happy 50th, "The Burning Ice"!!

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    I was surprised Mr. Mike has given The Burning Ice higher star scores than For A Million...Why Not? and R&R&R. I believe For A Million and R&R&R were more interesting and suspenseful. Both were also very creative. I think The Burning Ice is an episode I usually skip over. It has a few moments. The leukemia patient potential suspect, Harper, I think was original. Especially if he was expected to die soon. Dr. Southmore plan went "South" when Harper could not shoot Mrs. Southmore. The Doctor had to shoot her himself with Harper running and taking the Diamond necklace. The "Ice" as diamonds are known to he called. Southmore thought he had a great alibi. Working in his garage on the antique cars. There's plenty of questions as why this robber/killer did not enter the Southmore place where plenty of cash, jewelry, and other valuables could have been taken. This killer also did not harm the maid who could have been a key witness. Mr. McG quickly figured out it didn't add up as Southmore killed his own wife. It appeared to be a very unhappy marriage. He should have just divorced her and started his new life. Maybe, he would have taken a financial hit in a divorce settlement but he would make it up in his practice over time. The boring machine and the doctoring or shaving of the barrel of the murder weapon...It just wasn't the best episode. JC

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