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Thread: RIP for 50 years

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    Tonight 50 years ago, CBS aired S04E10 "Rest In Peace, Somebody." (Again, going off the dates on Mr. Mike's web page).

    His review is here:

    Not one of my favorites (I do like it, don't get me wrong) and there's a lot packed into it (and I know several forum regulars really like this episode).

    A guy (Norm Alden) taunts, insults and generally gives McGarrett hell. Turns out the guy is a dishonored cop that McGarrett voted to be kicked off the force due to multiple complaints for roughing up suspects. The guy, Bill Cameron, has never forgiven McGarrett for not backing him. Cameron sends Five-O scrambling to try to piece together clues including breaking into Chin Ho's garage! (Much to Chin's aggravation). Cameron even goes so far as putting dead fish into the trunk of the car Danno drives around the most.

    After chasing his tail, McGarrett finally puts the pieces together and figures out Cameron is behind all the crap. McGarrett also deduces Cameron's target: the governor (Richard Denning)! The governor's death would ruin McGarrett and Five-O for sure. However, our favorite elite squad betters Cameron in the end with Danno proving his sharpshooter capabilities again.

    I know there is so much more that can be said for this episode and I'll leave that to the guys who enjoy this episode much more than me. Many apologies for the late posting.

    Happy 50th, "Rest In Peace, Somebody"!!!

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    On Rest In Peace, Somebody.
    This could have been a 4 Star Episode or a 6 star Episode in my 6 star format. There's plenty of suspense to see what Cameron will do and his final plan. I can list 4 things that prevent me from giving Rest In Peace, Somebody 4 stars.

    1. The Paint Can. This has been discussed many times but I don't think the size of the paint can depicted in the show could have held enough paint to slosh around on McG's desk, out his office, down the long corridor of offices, down the stairs etc.

    2. Cameron Entering HFO HQ. Cameron sure makes it look easy entering McG's office. We have watched in the episode Cameron has entered HFO placing the items in Steve's desk and things. Why wouldn't a guard or Steve himself be staying in that area to catch Cameron? Obviously, Steve works long hours and shouldn't have to stay every night.

    3. Cameron Showing His Cards. Cameron had the HFO team on the run all episode. He had the advantage. I don't know why he paints the trail to the Governor's office. HFO then can devise a plan to protect the Governor. Cameron allowed McG the critical time necessary to save the Governor.

    4. Cameron could have finished the Governor with a fatal head shot but elects to go in the center. The Governor is protected by the vest and looks unharmed. I can see why HFO fans love this episode. Cameron is intelligent and well-trained. He has McG and HFO on the run most of the episode. I would give Rest In Peace, Somebody 3.5 stars out of 4. JC

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    Bobbi, this is my all time favorite episode!! To keep heaping praise on it would just be repetitive on my part. I guess my question for you would be what is it about the episode that doesn’t exactly rock your boat? Lol. You like it but don’t love it. What prevents you from loving it? Do you love Hookman? Because I actually give RIP a slight edge over Hookman. I love the “mysterious caller” aspect more than the “killer with metal hooks” gimmick whose identity is never a mystery.

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    Ringfire - RIP and Hookman aren't my cup of tea. I get they're good episodes and they're both solid efforts. I like the episodes that give us a peek at the personal sides of the team, especially Danno. I also enjoy the ones where everyone is in the mix throughout. While the team was in the mix at the start, it was obviously focused on McG. Just different tastes.

    JC- I can tell you why Cameron didn't go for a head shot. In the military we were trained to aim for mass. That means the torso. To that point, Cameron should have known the governor would be wearing a vest. He should have taken the man out with his own weapon and bullets.

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    Thanks Bobbi. So it’s nothing specific to RIP that bothers you. You just don’t care for revenge stories as much. To each their own. To me those have always been a favorite. Not just on Five-O but any show. Makes it more personal and therefore more interesting, as opposed to just investigating another random case.

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