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Thread: A Matter of Mutual Concern at 50

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    Tonight 50 years ago, CBS aired S04E11, "A Matter of Mutual Concern".

    McGarrett and team are faced with a possible gang war after some muscle from a big name in Miami is found dead at the waterline in Honolulu. "Big Uncle" has made attempts to move into Honolulu's crime scene much to the chagrin of Samoan Tasi Tanavasu (Manu Tupou), Japanese Jack Afuso (Seth Sakai), Korean Kim Lo Lang (Marc Marno) or Chinese Li Wing (David Opatoshu). **Note: the names came straight from Mr. Mike's Five-O page.**

    With the muscle man dead, Five-O is immediately involved. Turns out, someone has visions of grandeur - Lai Po (Michael Leong) who is behind the assassinations and can't wait to take over from his uncle. He wants to be the head of the whole ball of wax.

    Mr. Mike does a way better job describing this episode on his page: and that includes all the ridiculous stereotypical crap thrown at us.

    This episode does have a cool car chase near the docks as the cars are major boats screeching around. Other than that, this is a 'meh' show for me. Again, different tastes as I know mileage differs for others.

    There seems to be a lot ado about not very much as the writers I'm sure were trying to give us a mystery - a whodunit. However, the execution falls kinda flat. I don't know what they could have done to improve things except maybe focus on the back door deals more than they did. This would have been helpful to lighten up on the stereotypes. I will say I like McGarrett's treatment of Li Wing at the end when he forces a ticket into the gangster's hands - one way to Taiwan!

    Regardless, Happy 50th "A Matter of Mutual Concern"!!

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    Bobbi, you have it wrong about Lai Po the nephew being behind the assassinations and wanting to take things over from his uncle Li Wing. Kim Lo Lang the Korean is behind it all. At the end it looks like the nephew is about to betray his uncle to Kim Lo Lang so that Kim can kill him but as we discover it’s all a ruse to smoke out Kim, with McGarrett present. The nephew is still at his uncle’s side. He had nothing to do with the killings.

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