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    Classic H50 is coming to the H&I (Heroes and Icons) Network on January 21st! (Thanks to Jeff and Bobbi for bringing this to my attention.)

    Hawaii Five-O is splashing into The Day Shift lineup! Starting January 21, the series will air every Friday at 12P | 11C for five full hours of classic Jack Lord action.

    Giving birth to the catchphrase "Book 'em, Danno," Hawaii Five-O follows Detective Steve McGarrett and his elite police unit as he and his officers investigate corruption and crime plaguing the Hawaiian Islands. For 12 seasons, McGarrett and his team battled international secret agents, criminals, and organized crime syndicates, drawing themselves into the world of international espionage and national intelligence.

    Being one of the longest-running police dramas of its time, the acclaimed series created many of the classic crime show staples that we still see today.

    The above contains a listing of shows by season. It looks like they got kind of bored (she hung herself) as they went along, the final season has only 2 episodes described.

    There is also this FAQ-like page, some of which I think was cribbed from MeTV:

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    I've seen this before on MeTV's site. What this lists are the episodes they are going to air. If you notice in both Seasons 10 and 11, episodes are skipped. Now, I only did a cursory glance - I didn't go through all 12 seasons.

    This may answer a question I have with Five-O airing on H&I. MeTV ended with Season 7 and then started over. It will interesting to see if H&I does the same or actually sticks to the list on their site and goes through all 12.

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    Hmmm, I never considered the reason that episodes are not in the list at the network's WWW page is because they are not showing those. I am not aware of any syndication packages which would meet the following criteria. We won't really know until season 5, which is where the first missing episode occurs.

    Complete, though the numbering is screwy, because Cocoon is shows 1 and 2. The total is 25. Number 4, Strangers In Our Own Land, is "aka One Day We Shall Be Strangers." In No Blue Skies, "[Joey] doesn't reckon on [sic] Five-O." In The Box, "Big Chicken returns," but he is not mentioned in the earlier episode's description at all. In "Once Upon A Time," Dr. Fremont is a "neurologist," but she is actually a "naturologist ... one who heals by helping nature."

    Number 16, Bored She Hung Herself, is not included because it is banned. In Kiss The Queen Goodbye, "A con artist blackmails a politician into taking her to an event where she can steal the priceless Queen of Polynesia emerald and swap it for a fake.," but the old man is not a politician, but a former actor. Total is correct.

    The first episode is "...And Time To Die." Total number is OK.

    In Two Doves And Mr. Heron, "Danno tries to locate the girlfriend, the daughter of Moore's landlady when he was studying at Berkeley." She was the daughter of Danno's landlady when he was studying. In Rest In Peace, Somebody, "A policeman who was kicked off the force blames McGarrett and Five-O and plans to kill the Governor." I think it was just McGarrett that he had a grudge against. Number 14 is "Old Man In." Total is correct.

    In I'm A Family Crook, the three are described as "scam merchants." I think "scam artists" is more correct. The Vashons are described as a "mafioso family." Missing: #7, Chain Of Events (V.D. episode).

    Total is correct.

    Missing: #5, Bomb, Bomb, Who's Got The Bomb?; #6, Right Grave -- Wrong Body; #13, Hara-Kiri: Murder; #16, A Woman's Work Is With A Gun; #18, Ring of Life #19; Study In Rage; #21, Hit Gun For Sale.

    Murder -- Eyes Only is 2 episodes, should be only one. Legacy of Terror is "Legacy to Terror." Missing: #5, Death's name is Sam; #8, Sing a song of suspense; #10, How to steal a submarine; #12, Honor is an unmarked grave; #15, Deadly persuasion; #18, Anatomy of a bribe; #20, A killer grows wings; #22, Love thy neighbor--take his wife; #23, A sentence to steal.

    Nine Dragons is two parts, should be only one. In Double Exposure, Anne Waring is described as "a press photographer," but she is "an actress-turned-photographer ." From here on, too many missing to deal with! Should be a total of 23 episodes, 10 are missing. See

    Should be 24 episodes, there are only 8.

    Year Of The Horse is 2 parts, should be one. There are only 8 episodes out of 21 total.

    There are 19 episodes, but only two are listed: A Lion In The Streets, which is in two parts (not one) and the finale, Woe To Wo Fat.


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    I took a closer look last night after I posted. The numbering for eight and nine are screwy - probably because of Murder -- Eyes Only and Nine Dragons being split into 2 parts. It probably has to do with the syndication and/or the schedule set up. These networks have the shows slated for one-hour slots. During the original run, CBS had the flexibility to expand the slot into two hours.

    Also of note on Season 5 - Pig In A Blanket is missing. Considering some of the subject matter, I'm not surprised by some of the skips. While others have me scratching my head.

    Compare H&I's list with Mr. Mike's Comprehensive Index and you'll really see what's missing.

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    Jeff tells me that the H&I listing of episodes to be shown (incomplete) is the same as the "209 digital" package available from CBS. This is referenced on my page via these links:

    These links were previously not working via my main page, I have just revised this...

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    I think this 209 episode package is also used by the recently launched MeTV-Plus, which feature 2 hours of H5O weeknights (it was 3 hours nightly prior to the new schedule change).

    This package started out as the 175 episode Family Channel package in 1997 when they paid for remastering, and then it was expanded in 2005 to this 209 package.

    If Me-TV/H&I wanted to, they could also purchase the “74 Episode” package mentioned on the Syndication site, as it features all the remaining episodes, just not remastered in HD, and with their original 51-minute run times (the 209 episode package are remastered in HD and cut down to around 46 minutes).

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    Reading that these broadcast episodes are reduced to 46 minutes makes me glad I own the whole series on DVD. I think the longest ever for an episode was 51:12 (there are several of this length).

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    I gotta tell ya, we enjoy watching all the episodes on Paramount. Aftet we get our interior redone I'll go back to the DVD box set. I don't think I can handle commercials any more.

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