Classic H50 is coming to the H&I (Heroes and Icons) Network on January 21st! (Thanks to Jeff and Bobbi for bringing this to my attention.)

Hawaii Five-O is splashing into The Day Shift lineup! Starting January 21, the series will air every Friday at 12P | 11C for five full hours of classic Jack Lord action.

Giving birth to the catchphrase "Book 'em, Danno," Hawaii Five-O follows Detective Steve McGarrett and his elite police unit as he and his officers investigate corruption and crime plaguing the Hawaiian Islands. For 12 seasons, McGarrett and his team battled international secret agents, criminals, and organized crime syndicates, drawing themselves into the world of international espionage and national intelligence.

Being one of the longest-running police dramas of its time, the acclaimed series created many of the classic crime show staples that we still see today.

The above contains a listing of shows by season. It looks like they got kind of bored (she hung herself) as they went along, the final season has only 2 episodes described.

There is also this FAQ-like page, some of which I think was cribbed from MeTV: