The local library finally got season 10 of the H50 reboot, "the final season," after a long delay.

It looks to me like they were trying to cut costs with this set. There were 22 episodes (actually 23, see below), but only 5 DVDs. Typically these sets would only have 4 episodes per disc.

It says there are "special features" on every disc, including a crossover episode with the rebooted Magnum, PI series (the 23rd episode). They are probably referring to deleted scenes which are included.

For example, at the beginning of the last episode, which was probably heavily edited since it was rewritten because the show was cancelled without much notice, Junior and Tani are seen in bed together ... but they are wearing clothes! They already "did it" in a previous show...

On the back of the box, it says "FAREWELL TO THE FIVE-O" ... huh??