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Thread: Jack Lord's wife was 15 years older than him... but lived to 100!

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    Here's something I never knew about Jack Lord.

    His second wife, Marie DeNarde, was 44 when he married her in 1949, when he was just 29 himself!

    Marie was born in 1905, and lived all the way until 2005 -- making it 2 months past her 100th birthday! Jack was born in 1920, and died in 1998, at age 77.

    Jack famously had Alzheimer's, and Marie took care of him (and hid him away from public view) while he was deteriorating.

    Jack was previously married for 3 years, divorcing in 1947. He had a child from that marriage whom he saw only once. The child died at age 12. It's not clear why he wasn't in the kids life. He didn't have any kids with Marie, presumably because she was already 44 when they got married, and probably couldn't successfully have children anymore. (It's a myth that women can have children while still menstruating -- most have poor quality eggs after 43, and cannot have a successful pregnancy.)

    This was supposedly taken in 1970. Marie would have been 65, and Jack 50. This looks a little more age-appropriate than they likely did in 1949.

    Credit to Jack for staying with her long after he got very famous. Many successful men will seek a younger woman at that point. Jack stayed with an older one! Marie supposedly gave up her career in fashion design, in order to be with Jack and help him with his acting career. She was reportedly very protective of him, both when he was healthy and when he got sick.

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    Great topic here Todd! I was interested why Jack Lord didn't have any children with Marie. It makes sense that she was already in her 40's and then Jack Lord has the big 12 year run on HFO. He had plenty of duties and responsibilities. They made a good team together and she lived to be 100. I remember my Grandma went on a trip to Hawaii in 1981 and she brought back some cool postcards and things. She was a big fan of Jack Lord and HFO. I remember her telling me a few years later that when she talked to people in Hawaii... She was surprised to hear both positive and negative things about Jack Lord. It's a shame Jack's health started declining in the 1990's as he could have been a big part of the Hawaii Five-O revival. I wonder if Jack would have appeared on the new HFO reboot if he was still alive and in good health. Some HFO alumni returned to make an appearance on the reboot. Thanks for the post!

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