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Thread: Magnum PI reboot gets the axe

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    Did the show really "end"?

    Last episode seems to have been on May 6th and is described like this at IMDb:

    Close to Home -- Magnum and Higgins are sent on a deadly mission inside a high security correctional center when a ruthless criminal abducts Katsumoto and his ex-wife, Beth.

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    Apparently season 4 ended with Magnum and Higgins sharing a kiss, suggesting the start of a romantic relationship. The folks over on Magnum-Mania thought that meant at least another season. Guess not. Oh well.

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    There are a lot of comments following the article about the Magnum cancellation published at Deadline:

    However, if you try to read more comments than the ones below the article currently, it looks like they have been completely removed or edited out. The URL might refer to a page number for the current selection of comments, but if you try and change this page number to something older, it screws up things.

    Anyway, some guy posted a comment anonymously about the cancellation and Lenkov's nose got totally out of joint (this conversation was preserved on the site):

    From TWITTER:

    Peter M. Lenkov @PLenkov

    I try to refrain from responding to trolls, but today I was handed some kryptonite - had to respond in the comments section [at Deadline]



    on May 12, 2022 3:36 pm

    It was Lenkov’s dream come true, but a waking nightmare for everyone who worked for him. What a hack. I bet he read the press release and was pissed his name wasn’t checked. Don’t worry Peter! We all remember what you did!


    Peter Lenkov

    on May 12, 2022 4:45 pm

    Nah, I didn’t read the press release… but I did see this story… and was hoping some would have sympathy for the good folks who lost their jobs today. I do. As for you, a total coward who hides behind “anonymous”, what do you remember that I did? Being a demanding boss? And if I’m a hack, I’m certainly a very lucky one. Go create a hit show, then swing back around here, your comments will then carry some real weight.

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    Well now that CBS has purged itself from all the Lenkov shows, it seems they're moving on.

    However, that's not stopping Universal from trying to work a deal for Season 5:

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