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Thread: Five-O, H&I, and bad words

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    So I finally have had a chance to watch the entire 5-hour run last week and this week. (Yay!)

    I have noticed on H&I, particularly today, when they aired "Is This Any Way To Run A Paradise?" that the network blanked some words in a scene. It's with the gas station owner Danno is talking to and the guy says some bad words like 'Japs' and 'Chinks'. These are obviously racial slurs but in the process they also blanked 'haoles.' I think someone doesn't realize the meaning of haole. And maybe I don't know any better. Is this considered a slur?

    I've noticed the same pattern on Sundance TV with "Law & Order" where they're blanking (no bleeps) questionable words in the dialogue. I get it, the shows are trying to show the grittier sides of life and the networks are trying to stay within the broadcast standards (that's a *whole* other discussion!). I just find it interesting.

    Of note, last week "A Matter Of Mutual Concern" aired on H&I. Most of the sequence with Tasi insulting his rivals in McGarrett's office was excised. Another edit cutting out all the slurs.

    Of course, everything is intact on my Amazon Prime video episodes.

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    Family Channel used to do the same thing back in 1997 when they ran those episodes.

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