"V" for Vache: The Dairy Farmer ★★

Honore Vashon realizes he's going to be in jail for a very long time after holding McGarrett hostage in S08E06, "The Case Against McGarrett." He starts working on the farm which is part of the prison, and is in charge of the cows. Because of a heart condition resulting from dealing with McGarrett for so many years, Honore has to take an angina medication containing nitroglycerine, and he stockpiles several bottles of this. Vashon mixes the nitro, which has been modified to make it deadly explosive, with some milk which the cows produced, and arranges with the warden to send a bottle of this milk, sort of as a peace offering, to McGarrett. The milk is delivered to the Five-O offices by a courier played by Dr. Malden, the creepy hypnotist from "Three Dead Cows at Makapuu." Malden puts Jenny in a spell and she delivers the milk to McGarrett in her usual chirpy manner. McGarrett shakes the milk up, to mix it with the separated cream, and the bottle immediately explodes, with McGarrett tumbling over his desk in stock footage. Jenny, still under Malden's programming, starts hitting McGarrett with a hammer (where this came from is not specified), resulting in the Five-O chief ending up in the hospital with a fractured skull in addition to his other injuries. Danno, who has suddenly shown up at the office, pulls Jenny away from McGarrett and calls for an ambulance. Danno takes charge of the case, while McGarrett recuperates in the hospital, staying there for only a few days, despite his horrific injuries. (Thanks to Hermano and Quincy of C/H/Q)