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    I originally posted this on the Magnum-Mania forum last year:

    There are numerous in-jokes in Hawaii Five-O:

    The 11th season opener, "The Sleeper" has a list of suspects with numerous references to characters from previous seasons. As well, as part of his alibi when accused of committing murder, Rathman, one of the suspects, claims he was watching God's Little Acre on TV, a movie which starred Jack Lord!

    In S06E07, “Tricks Are Not Treats,” in a list of airline passengers, one of the characters lives on "2643 Stoner [as in Kurt, name of lead character in the show "Hookman"] Avenue" in Los Angeles and Mr. John T. Pinkerton lives on "2571 Harrington [as in series' star Al, Ben] Avenue," also in Los Angeles.

    "The Computer Killer," S07E15, an episode full of trivia, has another airline passenger list full of references to characters from other episodes. S11E05, "Small Potatoes" has a similar, but shorter, list of phone calls.

    Some references are to behind-the-scenes people on the show:
    - "Dr. Freeman" is paged in the hospital (a reference to series creator Leonard), like in S02E15, "Blind "Tiger."
    - in S02E22, "Nightmare Road," there is a letter is signed by James Heinz (the episode's associate producer).
    - a directory in S03E10, "The Last Eden" includes David Sutt and Seward Roll, perhaps referring to Sutton Roley, who directed three episodes.
    - in S04E07, a shipment of medicine comes from "Henshaw," same name as set decorator Buck.
    - in S05E01, "Death is a Company Policy," a vaccination certificate says that McGarrett's measles shot was done by Dr. M. Stevens (as in series composer Morton).
    - in S05E22, "Engaged to be Buried," there is another reference to Heinz in the form of a signed membership card.
    - in S05E24, "Jury of One" has "Geller" in a list of suspects (sometime H50 composer Harry) .
    - in S06E12, "Anybody Can Build A Bomb," there is a list of companies who potentially could have supplied bomb-making components: Heinz (producer James H. again) & Lake Chemicals, Freeman (Executive Producer Leonard) & Lorin (as in Story Consultant Will) Supply Inc., Cushman Chemical Co., Inc., Friedkin (as in director David, though that is from the 8th season) Machinery Co.
    - in S06E15, numerous in-jokes from a hotel guest list: James Pettus (story consultant Ken); William Lorin (Will, story consultant -- not for this show); Curtis Heinz (James, assistant producer); Doris Kenyon (Curtis, story consultant -- not for this show); Pamela Busch (Bob, casting director); Bernard Dixon (Richard, assistant to the production manager); Curtis Fenneman (Cliff, assistant to the producer); Vivienne Freeman (producer Leonard).

    Some characters have the same name as an actor who starred on the show. Examples: Nurse Feinberg in "Blind Tiger" (same name as actor Ron, who appeared in 3 episodes); Doug Mossman plays nightclub owner Al Shatner in S07E11, "Welcome To Our Branch Office" (William starred in S05E03, "You Don't Have To Kill To Get Rich, But It Helps").

    There are more examples of this stuff, I really should do a WWW page for this...

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    In "Beautiful Screamer", the first victim is "Linda Marsh" the same name as a three-time guest actress on the show.

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