YouTube, posted by Paramount Plus:

Hawaii Five-O | Every Classic Opening Credits Intro

Note: This is not accessible in Canada, presumably only in the USA, not other countries, because of "geographic restrictions" or "rights" or some other stupidity.

I sent this link to Jeff for his anal-ysis:

Purely in terms of cast members, and changes in the cast, this correctly shows Season 1, then Season 5, then Season 7 (no Ben), Season 9, Season 11 but it screws up on Season 12--it shows the version without Lori but doesn't show the version with Lori. Otherwise the video accurately captures the various cast changes by opening.

These appeared to be captures from Paramount Plus in HD, which are essentially the same as the DVD versions.

Cocoon, which doesn't have James MacArthur in the opening, is also omitted, if we want to nitpick. So 2 are missing--Cocoon and Season 12 with Lori.

Season 2,3,4 have no cast changes in the intro though there are music changes and there is the omission of "Dan Williams" because they copy and pasted Season 1's "Danny" for seasons 2 thru 4. Most people would never know that if they have only ever been exposed to the DVD transfers and not the older syndicated and network broadcasts which used to show them correct in their original form.

The thinking is that when they remastered the video of the first season's opening, they didn't want to spend more money remastering the season 2-4 "Dan Williams" version, and instead opted to use the season 1 video instead since the cast didn't change, and the audio music score was a separate track. They laid down the correctly scored versions over the video but reused the season 1 remastered video.

The video omits the new musical arrangements in Season 2-3, Season 4, Season 8, and Season 10. They've only assembled the arrangements that featured changes to the cast. They don't doesn't show the Season 7 intro that includes Ben (same video as season 5-6, but different musical arrangement in Season 7).