I got all excited about Hawaiian Eye, and thought for a few moments of doing "anal-ysis" for this like I have for other TV shows.

BUT ... there are big problems, because the copies of shows I have are cut, especially in the first two seasons. (Apparently Warner Archive ran this show streaming on their site a few years ago [not all episodes though, because of music rights issues], but no one seems to have captured these and uploaded them to the usual Usenet and other sites ... as if those shows would be "complete" or "more complete." The copies I have of most of these shows, some -- if not all -- of which came from the GoodLife TV network, date back at least 10 years or more.)

You can see a list of these "commonly available" dubs of Hawaiian Eye (many of which have really bad quality) here:


Those are the ones that I have.

Anyway, I watched the first show, which seemed to make sense, but the second one made no sense at all. Both of these were around 45-46 minutes, whereas seasons 3-4 (similar to Hawaii Five-O in its early seasons) were around 51 minutes or a bit more. Obviously something was cut out of the second show, and probably the first one too.

I had already dealt with the third show, which is very similar to the very bad Five-O episode To Hell With Babe Ruth, so that was not difficult to write up. In the version of this show that I have, Connie Stevens does NOT sing, which probably accounted for a few minutes of time, assuming she did sing in the show.

Here are the reviews that I have done of the first three shows: