I have to say I love this episode as it really utlitizes William "Willy the Weeper" Windom's ability to cry on cue. I've curated some behind the scenes photos and have talked with a gentleman who was a stand in regular on the show. He said Bill was always fun to work with and always carried a portable chess set as he played practically 24/7.

I have to agree with you Mike on your observation about this episode. Russ very likely did NOT come co-co with his wife about what happened on the boat. He clearly set things up as if he was helping Lita out by giving her a lift. He conveniently, I'm sure, left out the part that he secretly wanted to be alone with her on the boat despite his initial response of turning her away. However, once she kissed him again he was hooked with the excitement of being alone with a young woman who at least pretended to be interested in him until she flipped the switch.

"It's not unmeaningless"--William Windom quoting Thurber