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Thread: Another one bites the dust: Andrew Prine

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    Andrew Prine has passed away, age 86.

    He was married to Sharon Farrell for about a year in the 60's!

    His Wikipedia article reveals some scandal where he was connected to the murder of an actress:

    He appeared in two H50 episodes, as well as M Station Hawaii:

    - A Stranger in His Grave (1978) ... Richard Chadway
    - Target? The Lady (1975) ... Wally Hatch

    I didn't care much for the guy in either role, especially the first one (actually the later of the two).

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    Prine also did a guest stint on CSI as George Eads' character's father.

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    To kids who were in middle and high school in the '80s, Prine is best known as villain alien "Steven" from the 1983/1984 miniseries "V" and "V: The Final Battle".

    Steven was the secondary villain in that series, behind primary villain "Diana". Steven acted as head of security for the invading aliens, and was often brutal, albeit sometimes overconfident and incompetent. He developed a rivalry with a human character named "Ham Tyler" (Michael Ironside, in one of his few good guy roles), and Ham eventually kills him at the end of the miniseries.

    I felt Prine did a good job with that role. You can see him near the end of the first clip, and entirely in the second, where human traitor Daniel is knocked out, framed for the grabbing of an alien officer, and Steven (Prine) has him sent to be made into food!

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