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Thread: And It Continues...At 50 Years!

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    Tonight 50 years ago, CBS aired the second of the infamous Vashon trilogy - S05E10 "'V' For Vashon: The Father".

    The episode picks up where the last one left off. Chris, the son/grandson of the Vashon family, is dead and his father Honore (Harold Gould) is looking for revenge. Honore has his sights specifically set on McGarrett and he isn't alone. Dominick (Luther Adler), Chris' grandfather and Honore's father, joins his son in seeking revenge. However, Dominick has a different course of action than Honore. Dominick wants McGarrett to suffer.

    Of course, McGarrett and the Five-O team do not sit still. A photograph of a created headstone that says, "McGarrett - 1972", is sent to the Iolani Palace. It's taken as it's intended - a death threat against McGarrett. The team immediately gets to work. First, they locate where the photo was taken, by Chris' new grave. Second, they bug the crap out of Honore. Listening devices in his house, car and wherever else they can think of.

    Honore, not taking this lying down, does everything he can to interfere with the devices. Lots of running water, surf pounding on the beach and loud garbage disposals. He is able to contact Dominick and come up with a plan. Thanks to a note passed in church by his wife and eventually to Philidor, Honore is able to hire a hitman.

    This hitman, Dylan Heyward (Don Knight), sets the rules out for Honore. The man works alone and it'll take time to figure out McGarrett's patterns. He does that, but Five-O figures out what Heyward is up to and catches him red-handed. Heyward testifies against Honore in exchange for time at a maximum security prison under an assumed name.

    The episode closes with Dominick swearing his vengeance by telling Honore, "My turn!"

    Mr. Mike does a great job in his review here:

    Again, not my cup of tea but I like the move, countermove, yet another countermove in the whole cat and mouse shenanigans that happen in this episode. We also say goodbye to yet another Park Lane as a bomb is set off after a tow truck driver (Chuck Couch) opens the driver's door.

    McGarrett and the team hit the dirt because McGarrett realizes too late that the door had been locked!

    Another nice twist was the use of a policewoman (Elithe Aguilar) pretending to be from Dial-a-Girl. She distracted Heyward long enough that a mannequin was put into McGarrett's place and takes the bullet for him. Nice suspense build-up in this part of the episode. It made it quite enjoyable to watch.

    Happy 50th, "'V' For Vashon: The Father"!!!

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    Another excellent 50th Anniversary episode review. The "V" for Vashon The Father is HFO at the top of its game. A trilogy we are still talking about 50 years later. McG is placed on alert early in the episode. He receives a cemetery 🪦 picture "McGarrett" and narrows it down to the Vashons. Chris had recently been killed by McGarrett in self-defense. It is an entertaining cat and mouse game with Honore under surveillance and house bugged. Honore and Nick meet to put a plan in place on the McGarrett situation. A man is found and McG's vehicle is dynamited expertly. The ever vigilant McG notices the wire and bomb squad are brought in to take care of the tense situation.. One bomb explodes later when the driver's door opens activating the bomb. A man is killed. McG and the HFO team are placed on the highest alert increasing the suspense and tension. Nick thinks of an intelligent way to go around the HFO team's increasing surveillance. Using the Church to pass correspondence through the Sexton. Honore receives the letter ✉️ from Philidor. The hitman has been selected---Dylan Heyward. In a bold and daring move, Honore runs to a quick dropping helicopter 🚁 on the beach and they take off again. This is horrible news for HFO as there are many secluded places they could go. The fuse is lit as Honore and Dylan agree to a beneficial money and time arrangement. Dylan finds the perfect place. An apartment building 🏢 across from HFO Headquarters. It has the perfect view right into McG's office. Dylan spends the rest of the episode following McG around and preparing for the hit. Learning his habits and places he attends. McG and the HFO team duscover a man fitting Dylan Heyward's description has rented an apartment across from HFO Headquarters. Pressure and tension increase as they know Heyward is the hitman. McG believes to continue business as usual not tipping Heyward off. Heyward focuses on McG's window with his weapon. He doesn't shoot McG this night but waits to the next night. HFO team creates a diversion sending a sexy Dial-A-Girl lady to Heyward's room. He is impressed by the woman but not this night. He has to shoot McG. In a flash, the dummy head is substituted and Heyward returns to the window. His shot is true creating a gaping hole in McG's fake head. HFO Team quickly rush in and have Heyward apprehended. The sexy Dial-A-Girl woman is actually a police officer. Vashon: The Father concludes with a court room trial. Dylan Heyward agrees to testify against Honore Vashon in exchange for a mainland prison away from the Vashons under a fake name. Honore is found GUILTY 10 year sentence. 2 Vashons down and the Patriarch the last one left. It will be up to Nick now to mastermind revenge on McGarrett.

    I would say Vashon: The Father warrants a 4 star ⭐⭐⭐⭐ rating. Excellent acting by Dylan and Honore and Nick. The Dial-A-Girl was a nice touch at the end. The diversion was just enough time to switch to the dummy head. It would have been interesting if Nick had not sent the picture to McG's office. The suspense and tension would have increased to even a higher level. I also was interested that Dylan Heyward would agree to a deal. Some of these criminal types have a code. They will not work with the police in any manner. The Vashons are very powerful and might have Heyward killed in prison down the line. This Vashon: The Father definitely fits in the perfect episode thread started some months back. Not much to quibble with. Nick has his chance to take out McGarrett. JC

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