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Thread: The Last of the Trilogy - 50 years!

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    Tonight, CBS aired the third and final part of the Vashon trilogy - S05E11 "'V' For Vashon: The Patriarch".

    We begin with a quick summary from Part 1 where Chris (Robert Drivas) dies after being shot by McGarrett and from Part 2 where we see Honore (Harold Gould) being found guilty of hiring a hitman to take out McGarrett.

    We're now left with Dominick (Luther Adler), Chris' grandfather and Honore's father. Dominick is just plain seeing red now and has his sights sets squarely on the man he blames for everything befallen his family - McGarrett. Nick sets up an elaborate frame with help from Tosaki (Kwan Hi Lim). They find a con, Freddy Sullivan (Robert Luck), who professes his innocence but is made to believe Five-O and HPD has set him up by planting drugs in his house.

    Things quickly unravel as Sullivan goes gunning for McGarrett while the latter is attending a luncheon. A fake message lures McGarrett to the parking garage where he is accompanied by Harvey Matheson Drew (John Stalker). In the shootout, McGarrett kills Sullivan in self-defense. However, upstairs in the elevator where Sullivan collapsed, there is no gun. It appears McGarrett has killed an unarmed man.

    To make a long story short, Manicote (Glen Cannon) has no choice but to file murder charges against McGarrett and he's found guilty. We all know McGarrett wouldn't stand still if he could. The team continues their investigation and discover Sullivan wasn't killed by McGarrett's shots but rather someone poking a needle into his ear and piercing his brain (ouch!). A test run in the elevator also proves there was enough time to abscond with Sullivan's gun!

    To make matters worse, Nick's key witness to everything, Harvey Drew, is outed by a kid named Bobby Raisbeck (John Beatty). Five-O tracks him down and put the dots together - Drew's secret would be kept by the Vashons if he helped them put away McGarrett. Oops!

    It all comes down to a confrontation at Nick's place that is one of the craziest I've ever seen. The ending is appropriate for this trilogy.

    Mr. Mike has an excellent review here:

    This episode is well done and I love the camera work in that final scene. Nick refuses to allow Five-O to take him in and shoots himself in the head! Of course, this doesn't happen in Real Life. However, there is a lamp hiding Nick's head on the floor. There is also not a pool of blood and I appreciate that too. I don't need everything so graphic - I can imagine it myself!

    Another scene I really enjoy is when Ben speaks to Joe (Lippy Espinda). Joe tells Ben all about Spider Brown, a cat burglar, and how he had a roll of money and a pair of shiny new shoes. Then Brown vanished because he said the name one doesn't just drop if they want to stay healthy. Ben assures Joe no one will know where he got the info. It's a great interaction!

    Happy 50th, "'V' For Vashon: The Patriarch"!!

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    The Finale of the Epic Trilogy "V" For Vashon: The Patriarch finishes out the 4 star 🌟🌟🌟🌟 trilogy in grand style. McGarrett is expertly framed shooting a dope peddling loser Sullivan in self-defense. Recently released from prison, Sullivan is summoned by Nick Vashon to shoot McG although Sullivan balks at first. McG has already been instrumental in Sullivan's incarceration a few times. Nick using a wet clay touch molds Sullivan into shooting McG. He expresses McG's dogged determination placing Sullivan in prison and setting up Sullivan with drugs already planted by McG himself. This isn't true but Nick makes it appear that way. Sullivan eventually agrees and is supplied the weapon. The shooting incident takes place in a parking garage area. Sullivan's weapon shoots blanks at McG but McG fires back striking a crouching Sullivan in the abdominal area. Impressive attorney Harvey Matheson Drew was accompanying McGarrett at the time but did not witness the actual shooting. However, he does hear the shots. McGarrett's nightmare begins as a deceased Sullivan is laying dead on the elevator floor. A crowd gathers and Sullivan's gun is missing. It appears McGarrett has fired and killed an unarmed man. McG is quickly placed on trial as Manicote makes sure McG receives no special treatment. Harvey Drew the key witness melts down on the stand. He concedes it could have been a backfire of a car...A possibility in a parking garage with many vehicles. McG is sentenced Murder 2 and is out on appeal. Like Man In A Steel Frame, the brilliant frame has to be broken down and the truth established. The HFO Team makes some avenues towards finding the truth. HFO Team re-create the Sullivan elevator shooting scene. There were several seconds that someone could have stolen Sullivan's gun and then left the area quickly. Also, Doc looking at the autopsy again shows that a needle of some kind was driven into Sullivan's ear and into his brain. Administered during the elevator ride up. This definitely shows Sullivan was killed after the fact to make sure. The HFO Team begin chipping away at Drew realizing he was refusing to take calls from a Reasbeck. They also discover Drew had paid for the young man's place. Expensive place for a man of his youth. The house of cards caves in on Harvey Drew as Reasbeck arrives and calls out Drew. It suggests Drew is a closeted homosexual and Nick Vashon had Drew blackmailed with this knowledge. Harvey Drew had no choice but to not be truthful on the stand. McG arrives at Nick's place to have him brought into the police station. Nick refuses to give McGarrett the satisfaction. He quickly commits suicide placing the gun to his head and pulling the trigger. It must have been a ghastly sight. Luckily, this is not shown and McG lives to fight another day.

    The Vashon Trilogy is an excellent 3 episode series as Hawaii Five-O 🌊 is at the top of its game. They bring down the powerful Vashon family as Chris is dead, Honore 10 year prison sentence, and Nick also deceased. Another 🌟🌟🌟🌟 4 star episode. It's an incredible watch 50 years later. JC

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