This is kind of off-topic but very topical to the forum.

Mr. Mike has pointed out numerous times in his reviews that if one wants to get away with something, that person doesn't tell anyone. However, we've seen the exact opposite in several Five-O episodes, one that comes to mind right away is S04E04 "3,000 Crooked Miles To Honolulu". Another is S03E13 "The Payoff". If you expect to get away with something, you don't tell the world!

As I was cruising news headlines the other day, I came across an article "20 Facts You Didn't Know About Apollo 11". It was from Popular Mechanics, here: The article is from 2019 but I thought of various discussions as I read slide 9:

Quote: In 2015, University of Oxford physicist David Robert Grimes, Ph.D., developed a mathematical model determining that if the U.S. moon landings were faked by the government, an estimated 411,000 people would have been in on the hoax and at least one person would have leaked the conspiracy within 3 years and 8 months. Unquote.

Thus, you don't tell people if you want to get away with something!