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    Tonight 50 years ago, CBS aired S05E13 "I'm A Family Crook -- Don't Shoot!"

    The Lovejoy family has arrived in Hawaii! The family consists of father Arnold (Andy Griffith), mom Rhoda (Joyce Van Patten) and daughter Melissa (Kimberly Louis). Arnold and Rhoda are a pair of married grifters going from state to state running petty cons.

    However, things soon turn serious when Melissa grabs a briefcase of a guy caught in chaos created by the Lovejoys. The guy isn't just any guy - he's bagman Frank Butrell (Bryan da Silva) who works for Charlie Walters (Bob Basso). Walters is a pretty nasty guy and Five-O has been on his trail for quite some time. So much so, they're tracking Butrell all the way to Charlie's house. But the team is shocked when Butrell arrives empty-handed!

    Five-O isn't the only one following Butrell - there is a direct competitor to Walters, Shibata (Seth Sakai) also watching.

    Arnold knows they're in deep doo-doo when he opens the briefcase and finds the brass knuckles. Soon they're picked up by Shibata and his crew. Shibata and crew meet a bad end but it's an impressive explosion!

    Walters becomes really nasty when he kidnaps Melissa in order to get the briefcase back. It turns into a big confrontation at Walters' house and he's nailed because he handled marked money. The Lovejoys are sent about their way if they promise to never return to Hawaii. They can't help themselves pulling off one more con but the would-be victim is none other that Ben!! Oops!!

    Mr. Mike does such a better job at this than I do. His review is here:

    This is hands down one of my favorite episodes. It's funny, plain and simple. Things are over the top and if you're an Andy Griffith fan, this is a must watch! Joyce Van Patten holds her own too and the pair are hilarious!

    Basso thoroughly enjoys his role. He and his henchmen blow up a car with parts literally going in every direction, bust down doors and he shoots his bagman! So for some blood-letting, it's still a funny episode. It's near the top of my list for essential Five-O episodes.

    Happy 50th, "I'm A Family Crook -- Don't Shoot!"

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    Classic episode but nothing can top “Over Fifty? Steal” when it comes to humorous Five-O episodes. That one is an all-timer!!!

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    Another great anniversary post. I'm A Family Crook --Dont Shoot! deserves 4 stars ⭐⭐ ⭐⭐. It would be a perfect episode for my 3.75 episodes. A salute to Andy Griffith as he is just outstanding in this episode. The whole Lovejoy family is excellent and perfectly cast. Walters is particular menacing in this episode and it's my FAV Bob Basso role. One of my FAV HFO appearances is the Doctor. He is summoned to test the money 💰 for any tricks. Very cool character. The Lovejoys were given a break that they were not arrested. I waffle about the ending. It seems the Lovejoys will continue to do the confidence games in the future. They should have learned a valuable lesson. It although is 1 of my FAV Ben scenes. Flashing his badge to the Lovejoys. This must have been an excellent episode to work. Plenty of comedy and some memorable scenes. JC

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    You know one thing about this episode that I noticed - to the point of watching the credits carefully - is how similar the daughter Melissa actually looks like Joyce Van Patten's character Rhoda. I mean right down to that dimple on the chin, if one didn't know better, you'd say there is a fair chance they are mother/daughter in real life. So I guess kudos on the casting there.

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    Kimberly Louis, the actress who played the daughter, has only one IMDb credit other than the H50 episode, and it looks like a VERY small part in the 1982 movie "Young Doctors In Love" as "The Others - Party Guest."

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    Was this the only episode was a funny ending?

    Here's my review of it from 2019:!

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    Other shows with funny endings:

    The Bark and the Bite - McGarrett tells Danno to "book me" --

    Deadly Courier - Danno thinks he "did it" with Marla, the hot babe who hypnotized him, but McGarrett says no. Danno is shocked -- -- in what seems like an outtake.

    Both of these shows are in the 11th season.

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