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Thread: Gretchen Corbett in >Two< Episodes?

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    There is a discussion in a Facebook H50 group that Gretchen Corbett plays an uncredited role in the episode Why Wait Till Uncle Kevin Dies? (S06E08) as well as her credited appearance in Study in Rage (S07E19).

    I am skeptical that Corbett is in the Uncle Kevin episode. I have put pictures of her in both her Five-O "appearances" here:

    Corbett was credited for appearances in other shows around this time, and it doesn't make sense to me that she would do a cameo-like appearance in the Kevin show. This show was near the end of season seven, which was far away from A Study in Rage as far as the production order was concerned. (She has a couple of lines in the Kevin show.)

    The photo in the screen shot in this discussion which suggests she is in the show is from the streaming of the show at Amazon UK, and is seen on her IMDb page ( (IMDb is a subsidiary of Amazon.)

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    Somebody has something screwed up - that's not Gretchen in the Kevin episode.

    The two ladies look similar yes, but they're two different people. Considering IMdB is an open-source page, it doesn't surprise me that there's a mix up.

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    Definitely not Gretchen Corbett.

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    I have to go with NO here.

    I am a big Rockford Files fan, so it was cool seeing Gretchen in "Study in Rage", even though the episode wasn't that great. Gretchen looked just like she did in the "Rockford" episodes. In "Uncle Kevin", the woman thought to be Corbett does not look exactly like her, which contradicts how she looked just like her Rockford charater when she appeared in "Rage".

    Gretchen Corbett was in The Rockford Files from seasons 1 through four, spanning from 1974 through early 1978. Her final episode aired on January 6, 1978. She left after season 4 due to a contract dispute. She was not in every episode. She was in 33 of them in about 3.5 seasons worth of appearances -- averaging a little under 50% of the time.

    I am surprised NBC allowed her to appear on Five-O, on a competing network. "Rage" aired on February 11, 1975. That's during Rockford's first season. Five-O and Rockford weren't competing yet (this would start in the 75-76 season, hurting both shows due to their similar audience), but I'm still surprised NBC allowed it.

    If she did appear in "Uncle Kevin", it would have been before Rockford started. That would make it a bit more likely that Corbett would have taken a very minor role, as she was not yet famous at the time. However, I still don't think it was her.

    "Uncle Kevin" shot (from Mike):

    "Rage" shot (also from Mike):

    Corbett looked older than her age at the time. She's now 77, and in fact was born very close to when my mom was. She's still alive.

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