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    Sorry this is late, but 50 years ago, CBS aired S05E15 "Thanks For The Honeymoon".

    Toni (Patty Duke) is a woman looking for a deal from DA Manicote (Glenn Cannon), who considers her "a monster." She is a witness to a murder that could bring down a big fish in the organized crime on the Islands.

    Toni tells McGarrett and Manicote about King Manola (Lane Bradford) killing Victor Delgado (Kenneth Ing) in cold blood. She's willing to testify to what she saw but she wants something in return. She requests the charges against herself and her boyfriend Marty Walker (Larry Kert) to be lessened considerably. On top of that, she's pregnant and wants to marry Marty in a real church along with a full weekend for their honeymoon at a top resort.

    Of course, Manola receives word that Toni not only witnessed Delgado's murder but she's willing to send Manola up the river for it. He doesn't sit still for this and why we see the newlyweds under heavy police guard. Manola is able to get one of his guys in for an assassination attempt. They're only half successful in killing Marty but Toni survives a cyanide poisoning in the honeymoon suite.

    While McGarrett is trying to contain the pair, he has a visit from an old flame, Margo (Carol Lawrence). Margo is a free-lance photographer who Toni wanted to photograph her wedding because Margo is well known to the "big magazines." Margo and McGarrett get close in the course of the episode but it's cut short due to the assassination attempt. Talk about killing the mood.

    When Toni is told the bad news, she screams her head off. While she was planning to back out at the last minute of testifying against Manola, Marty's death seals a lot of fates.

    Mr. Mike does a much better job in his review:

    This episode is well done but not one of my favorites. I do enjoy the scenery of the resort. I can also appreciate the acting as well. Patty Duke is playing against type and does a really good job.

    Other than that, I can take or leave this episode. There's nothing that really stands out to me except Duke's performance.

    Regardless, Happy 50th, "Thanks For The Honeymoon"!!

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    To me this is a companion piece to “Deathwatch”. Like “Pig in a Blanket” is a companion piece to “Daisies on His Coffin”. In both we have McG protecting someone who is set to testify against a major mafioso. In both cases the character that McG is protecting gives McG a lot of mouth and is not very likable. In both cases McG tries to protect the witness at the Kahala Hilton while the baddie’s goons try every trick to get in there and rub the witness out. Also both involve poisoning/gassing the witness and in both Five-O make it look like the witness has died, with the reveal at the end for the mafioso to be shocked that the witness is still alive. I love both but I would give “Deathwatch” the edge just because of the performances of Nehemiah Persoff and James Shigeta who are electric in their respective roles. Though Patty Duke is very good too.
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    This episode is half responsible for my Five-O fandom. In the 70s, I noticed my parents watching the show, but I was too young to appreciate it myself.

    I found it late at night in syndication in 1994, and happened upon this episode. I thought it was good enough to where I was eager to watch Five-O again. I tuned in the next night, and found the excellent "Draw Me a Killer". That got me hooked.

    Good thing my first attempt to watch the show wasn't one of the stinker episodes, or this forum wouldn't be here!

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