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    Tonight 50 years ago, CBS aired S05E17 "Here Today ... Gone Tonight".

    First, sorry for the late posting - it was a long day at work.

    Second, this episode is one of the rare true slip ups by Five-O.

    Mr. Mike does a much better job with his no pulled punches review. It's here:

    There's not much more I can add. After watching it multiple times, the less it makes sense. Bottom line: Barry Dean (Monte Markham) kills his boss, Peter Fleming (Douglas Kennedy), in order to run away with the wife June Fleming (Madilyn Rhue).

    However, their plot is so complicated and convoluted it's no wonder they're caught. With the help of insurance agent Bella Morgan (Sandra Smith), the pair is trapped into confessing their misdeeds.

    What makes things completely unbelievable is the fact that two houses are used. One on Oahu and an exact copy on Maui. By the time McGarrett figures it out, he and Ben only find wood splinters on Oahu. Nevermind all the contractors needed to tear the thing down. There is also a ridiculous helicopter sequence too. It's weirdness all the way around. When I want to shake my head, I watch this episode. Otherwise, I skip it.

    Regardless of all that, Happy 50th, "Here Today ... Gone Tonight"!!

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    Here Today...Gone Tonight is a creative and inventive episode. Bella Morgan, Barry Dean, June Fleming, and Peter Fleming are interesting characters. I enjoyed how Peter Fleming had all the security and that sophisticated security system and still was gunned down at his desk by Barry Dean. This could have been a Top 10 or Top 20 Classic HFO 🌊 episode . Unfortunately, the Dean Double and the two houses 🏘️🏘️ plus the confusing 🚁 helicopter ride marked the episode down. Dean was always going to be a prime suspect as he benefited ascending to Fleming's position after Fleming was murdered. Also, June Fleming's access would make her a suspect as she didn't have to go through the elaborate security system. It's strange Fleming didn't have cameras and video in his spacious office. He was very into security. I think that could have been the ending. McG bringing in Barry Dean and June Fleming into Fleming's office. Showing them on a secret hidden camera in Fleming's office. Recording June hiding the weapon and Barry doing the shooting. Another thing they could have done is Fleming shot and killed at 1 of these functions he hated to attend. Could have seen more of the executives and other Fleming employees. It would have more suspects to investigate. Bella Morgan was a great female character as the Insurance Investigator. I didn't like how they made June Fleming seem weaker near the end of the episode. She was strong and in control and then easily seemed to fall into Bella's trap about the 2nd woman and her knowledge about the murder. It was Dean's fault too because he wouldn't answer her concerns on the phone. He just got off the phone. June gained strength later when dropping off the checks to Bella. However, HFO was in position to apprehend her. I would probably give Here Today...Gone Tonight 2 stars ⭐⭐. Entertaining but convoluted. I don't think they could have broken down the house 🏡 that quickly plus all the different people involved. Breaking down and moving the things. Somebody would have talked. JC

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    I posted this on the forum in Mid-December. I found it interesting then and it's certainly applicable to "Here Today ... Gone Tonight".

    This is kind of off-topic but very topical to the forum.

    Mr. Mike has pointed out numerous times in his reviews that if one wants to get away with something, that person doesn't tell anyone. However, we've seen the exact opposite in several Five-O episodes, one that comes to mind right away is S04E04 "3,000 Crooked Miles To Honolulu". Another is S03E13 "The Payoff". If you expect to get away with something, you don't tell the world!

    As I was cruising news headlines the other day, I came across an article "20 Facts You Didn't Know About Apollo 11". It was from Popular Mechanics, here: The article is from 2019 but I thought of various discussions as I read slide 9:

    Quote: In 2015, University of Oxford physicist David Robert Grimes, Ph.D., developed a mathematical model determining that if the U.S. moon landings were faked by the government, an estimated 411,000 people would have been in on the hoax and at least one person would have leaked the conspiracy within 3 years and 8 months. Unquote.

    Thus, you don't tell people if you want to get away with something!

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