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Thread: Jury Of One is 50

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    Tonight 50 years ago, CBS aired S05E24 "Jury Of One".

    Curt Lucas (Paul Camen) is on trial with Manicote (Glenn Cannon) prosecuting and Judge Phillips (Don "Lance" Over) presiding. Lucas isn't worried even so, his lawyer, Binns (Evan Mills) proves to be quite the match against Manicote.

    Lucas isn't worried because his associates have rigged the trial. Juror Clifford Sprague (Ray Butenika) is steadfast in his vote of "innocent" for Lucas. He's the lone hold out.

    Five-O becomes involved when snitch Artie (Arthur Mallet) tips McGarrett that the fix is in. Arte tells McGarrett a male juror is being influenced. Turns out, Sprague's young daughter has been kidnapped! Sprague's wife (Dale Morse) is no help when Chin meets with her. Her nervousness gets his attention.

    After careful maneuvering and lots of investigating, Five-O finds the little girl. Unfortunately, Arte is run down after he calls Danno about another tip.

    In the end, McGarrett enters the courtroom just as the jury is ready to inform the judge they're deadlocked. When Sprague sees his daughter, he changes his vote. Lucas knows the game is up when he sees McGarrett enter with the girl in his arms. Duh!

    Mr. Mike does a much better job, with more details here:

    This isn't a bad episode, but I would put it somewhere in the middle if I had to rank the episodes. I agree with Mr. Mike that Over is excellent as the judge.

    I like how Five-O goes about finding the girl. McGarrett is especially cautious in not tipping off the kidnappers and bringing harm to the little girl. Chin handles the mom as carefully as he can, knowing she's under tough circumstances. I can't help but laugh at Danno when he talks to Arte on the phone. "Shut up!" You can tell Danno is a little frayed with this guy.

    This is a good episode in watching a lot of the stock players in action. Elizabeth Smith is one of the jurors and her story of her son is a gut-punch - personal and tragic. She tells it perfectly.

    With this anniversary, Season 5 is complete. We'll see you again in September for Season 6.

    It also means Five-O turns 55 this year - feel old yet?

    In the meantime, Happy 50th, "Jury Of One"!!

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    Jury Of One is a good finishing episode for the season. I enjoy the episode because the HFO team has plenty of investigating to find the tainted juror. It appears each of the men could have something that could make them the guilty one. The young girl was great casting. She's a very beautiful and innocent-looking child. You could see why the juror Dad would do whatever to keep her safe from harm. I enjoyed the expression of the Dad juror watching his kidnapped girl enter the courtroom. It was good acting and he whispered to the foreperson. He wanted to change his vote to guilty. Jury Of One is similar to The Payoff where they really get the most out of the script. I probably would give Jury Of One 2.5 stars or 3 Stars ⭐⭐⭐. Artie giving the information about the tainted juror to McG and later found murdered was very good writing. It showed Artie was telling the truth and some criminal type had to silence him. JC

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