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Thread: The Pipeline at 50

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    Tonight 50 years ago, CBS aired "The Banzai Pipeline", S06E16.

    Happy 2024, everybody!!

    The is a cool Season 6 episode as the background concerns surfing.

    The criminal plot involves developer Oswald Greggs (Bob Basso) bribing a zoning commissioner -Edward Huffman (John Lennon and as Mr. Mike points out not the Beatle). Huffman has been indicted by a grand jury and he plans on leaving town.

    Greggs is so paranoid about going to prison, he takes care of Huffman thanks to his goon, Andy Koa (Rudy Diaz). Koa kills Huffman but realizes someone probably witnessed him killing Huffman. The lead is a dropped film canister.

    Rick McDivitt (Perry King) is an aspiring filmmaker with big dreams to make the ultimate surfing movie. His brother, Roger (Nicholas Hammond) is an excellent surfer and the subject of Rick's film. However, with the dirty dealings of Greggs and company, the brothers are embroiled in the whole mess.

    It doesn't help that Greggs' other goon Cass Tanner (Jack Hogan) literally guns for the pair. Everything comes to a head at the Pipeline while Rick is filming when Tanner shoots
    Roger off his board and then takes out Rick as he tries to aid his brother.

    Five-O closes in on Greggs and Tanner, causing those two to crash the Mustang they're in. The car explodes but not before the bad guys are killed.

    Mr. Mike is far more thorough. His review is here:

    There is a lot in this episode. First, the surfing. The shots are amazing and you get an idea of how big the sport is.

    Second, the casting. Rick is played by a young Perry King. If you grew up in the 80s, chances are you know him from the short-lived series "Riptide". He was one of two detectives (along with Joe Penny) and their third geeky/computer genius sidekick played by Thom Bray (I think that's his name). It followed "The A-Team" for a couple of years on NBC. King was also in "The Day After Tomorrow" a sci-fi film where the planet is freezing up.

    Also concerning casting, there's Rudy Diaz as Koa. I had read where he was actually a part of LAPD in his younger days and the first one on the scene when Marilyn Monroe died. It was interesting to read up on him.

    Mr. Mike also mentions Elissa Dulce as this episode includes her first appearance.

    While this episode isn't among my most favorites, I will gladly watch this one again and again. As Mr. Mike says, this is one of the most "Hawaiian" of the series.

    Happy 50th, "The Banzai Pipeline"!!

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    Season 6 The Banzai Pipeline ⭐⭐⭐ Out Of 4 Stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐.
    Another solid Season 6 episode. Young filmmaker Rick McDivitt (Perry King) is determined and focused on making the greatest surfing movie. His brother, Roger, is an outstanding surfer and shows incredible skill riding the waves. Rick is nearing the final stages of his surfing 🌊 film but is running out of bread to finance it. Rick's prayers are answered when he discovers a wallet with some cash and credit cards. He steals the wallet but doesn't know this man, Ed Huffman, is currently being murdered by Andy Koa. In his haste, Rick drops a film roll in a little canister which is later picked up by Koa. The Banzai Pipeline has some Secret Witness vibes where the surfing brothers are tracked down over time. Using the surfing footage and the brothers physical characteristics and looks. I don't believe in stealing and thieving but I admired Rick's dedication and passion to finish his surfing film masterpiece. It's similar to an artist or musician dedication and passion in finishing an album worth of songs or a particular painting. Finally, Rick and Roger are tracked down and later gunned down by hitman Tanner at the Pipeline. Rick and Roger are both violently shot and in critical condition. Both die from their gunshot wounds. It appears the shooter and murderer will escape unpunished. McG has a brainstorm combing through Rick's surf footage and it shows Tanner with the weapon. Later, Greggs and Tanner die in a fiery crash quickly wrapping up the case.

    The Banzai Pipeline isn't the most detailed or outstanding script ever written but there's excellent film and photography shots of Roger surfing the waves. Rick's intense focus on completing the surfing film and stealing to fund the film ultimately leads to the brothers' demise. I wished 1 or both brothers had survived the shooting. It would have been a wonderful ending watching the finished Surfing Movie with Rick having to repay the money. Maybe, even working at HFO assisting McG instead of jail time. I'm a Perry King and Jack Hogan FAN which probably bumped up The Banzai Pipeline a half a star ⭐. JC

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