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    I am trying to find an episode where a man shoots his mother in her car. I think they were suppose to be going to church together. I saw it when I was a kid and I am not 100 percent sure it was Hawaii five O. The reason I remember it was because my grandmother stated, "Oh he is a mean one." For some reason what she said stuck with me. Can any one tell me what episode this was or if I am wrong about the show? Thanks, Marko

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    First, you only have to post the question once.

    Second, can you remember anything else about the scene. As in, was it tropical, did it look like it was shot in a studio? Any idea how long ago it aired?

    I don't recall anything like this happening in Five-O. Lots of people were shot certainly but I don't remember a guy shooting his mother. There were a few helicopter chases where the drivers were shot at. Season 2, Kiss The Queen Goodbye and Season 9, Double Exposure come to mind right away. But nothing is ringing any bells for what you're looking for.

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    I was about 10, 57 now, so my memory is in question. I think the mother and son where in the garage of their home. She was in the car and he came in with a shotgun and killed her. Of course it did not show the shooting. The Police came and found her after the son had left. That is about what I can remember. Thank you for trying to help me find the show/episode.

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    By the timeline you're describing - this puts us into Season 9 of Five-O.

    There's a couple of possibilities. You can check out Mr. Mike's Five-O page to find all sorts of stuff! It's here:

    Now, onto Season 9. Like I said, there's a few possibles.

    S09E08 - Let Death Do Us Part is about as strange as it gets. A woman was killed but she wasn't shot by her son but there's a lot of weirdness in it and I know at least one person is shot.

    S09E13 - Man In A Steel Frame is an excellent episode. The victim is shot but again, not by her son. We see things in flashback mostly in this episode. A pistol was used, not a shotgun.

    S09E15 - Elegy In A Rain Forest is probably the closest we're going to get. A shotgun stolen from a guard is the weapon of choice for the villain. One of the first sequences in the episode has the guy escaping a prison van during transport and pulling the trigger into the camera (i.e. the guard he kills). The villain is not a nice person - so your grandmother's comment fits.

    The last one I can think of is S09E22 - See How She Runs. A young woman is essentially framed and hides in a cult. There's a lot of shooting in that one too.

    Hope this helps in the search.

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    If you have questions like this which are kind of general (i.e., may not apply to some specific TV show), where can you ask these questions or discuss issues like this these days? Is there some all-purpose WWW site where you can ask questions like this? I think IMDb used to have discussion forums where you could do this, but these were removed a long time ago. I think IMDb discussions were taken over by some other company. There is a WWW site called, and there are discussions there, like this one, but most of the postings date back 6 or 7 years to when IMDb was closed down. I think most people don't know about this site.

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