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Thread: Shocking questions (Ironside and Peter Gunn related)

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    This is regarding guys getting murdered in TV shows using electricity. I wrote this all up in a very anal-ytical way.

    What happens in both of these shows doesn't make sense to me, but what do I know? I put clips on my WWW site. These both sort of remind me of what is probably the most famous electrocution scene in a movie or TV show, in the movie Goldfinger, but that is different.

    The first example is from Ironside:

    The clip starts with the killer (who is wearing gloves) connecting a wire to these steps which you would use to come out of a swimming pool. These steps are metal and go down into the pool. The wire seems to have the insulation removed at the end of the cord, because there is a spark when the killer "tests" it. Later we see that the insulation *was* removed from what seem to be TWO WIRES from what is like an extension cord.

    Anyway, the killer connects the wire(s?) to one of the metal poles of the "stairs." So the guy he wants to kill won't see this, he hides most of the wire in this crack beside the pool. The victim jumps in the pool, swims a lap and comes back but he doesn't come out of the pool with the stairs, he just pulls himself over the edge of the pool, splashing water all over the place. He then leans back on the stairs and gets a horrible shock and dies. (How would the killer know that the victim was going to lean on the stairs?).

    The killer then unplugs this TV set which was near the edge of the pool and plugs it into a different outlet to make it look like the guy came out of the pool and turned on the TV and somehow got a horrible shock from this and then died (this makes no sense to me). It doesn't show what the killer did with the wire which was connected to the steps and stuffed in the crack.

    I don't understand something ... I have investigated this stuff on the internet, and you get all these confusing explanations. For example, if I had a long electrical extension cord like would be used for cutting the grass, plugged one end of this into a normal outlet on the outside of my house, and threw the other end of the cord into a swimming pool, wouldn't this cause a short circuit and the fuses or circuit breakers in the house would immediately kick in? Some web sites suggest if you do this, the whole swimming pool becomes a total death trap. In other words, in this Ironside clip, when the guy jumped in the pool, which is presumably electrified based on these WWW sites' theories, because the metal steps go down into the pool (duh!), he would immediately be killed!

    I have left a bit of the "investigation" of the Ironside show in the clip which runs a couple of minutes.

    This whole thing brought to mind a similar method of "execution" in this TV movie based on Peter Gunn, the 1950's detective show, which is equally confusing:

    This clip to me is totally dumb. This guy goes for a swim, the killer sneaks into the yard behind a bunch of plants.

    He has this T-shaped metal thing (is there a name for this?) which he sticks in the ground, connects this wire to it (which is not a typical extension cord wire, it doesn't seem to have insulation on it). He throws the wire up over a power line like you would expect to see in the alley behind a house, the wire seemingly falls into the pool and electrocutes the guy swimming. Although there is a big spark when this uninsulated wire touches the power line, it doesn't show whether the wire falls into the pool (and kills the guy?) or it just falls directly on the guy and kills him.

    I think this whole sequence is ridiculous. It looks like this power line is right over the guy's swimming pool and there is no way that a high-voltage power line like this would be allowed to be above the pool, as per city building codes, etc.

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    I don’t know much about electrocution or how it works but even I know that you don’t get electrocuted by turning on a TV with wet hands. LOL! That’s just stupid writing!! I’m sure I’ve turned on old TV sets in the past (that had knobs on them) with wet hands and I’m still alive to talk about it.

    What I don’t get is why Peter Gunn is in color. LOL! Is this some reunion movie from the 90s? Sure doesn’t look like something from the 50s.

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    This is from a 1989 TV movie written and directed by Blake Edwards, who was responsible for the original 1950s B&W TV show.

    The stupidity of the electrocution scene at the beginning of the show is merely a prelude of what is to come.

    Peter Strauss is Peter Gunn (seriously) ... terrible!

    When I saw this show originally, I couldn't figure out when it was taking place. I think it was taking place "back then," but I haven't watched it in many years, I could be wrong.

    I should watch it again soon, because I should review it for my Peter Gunn WWW page (

    Music for this show was by Mancini, like the original series, though there was no soundtrack album released.

    There was another attempt to revive Peter Gunn in 1967, a theatrical movie with Craig Stevens as the titular character.

    It was just called Gunn, directed by Edwards and co-written by him and William Peter Blatty, a soundtrack album by Mancini was released on RCA.

    As far as I am aware, this show has never been released on DVD or Blu Ray in North America, but it was in England.

    It is pretty bad.
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