The Meghen Conspiracy ★★★

This show was originally to appear in the 11th season, but it was shelved because the original title was too close to S11E14. Meghen Markwell, a bi-racial cop (half black/half white) is appointed by the Governor as a new member of the Five-O team. She immediately starts to make McGarrett's life a living hell. First, Meghen complains so much about the way the Five-O front office is run that Luana breaks down in tears, and finally resigns. Meghen then secretly cuts a deal with a sleazy TV producer named Piotr Linkowski to do a reality show that follows her around solving cases. McGarrett only finds out about this when a camera crew and makeup people show up at the Iolani Palace. After McGarrett tells the TV people to get lost, Meghen threatens to make a big noise, but McGarrett parks his Grand Brougham in such a way that the TV crews have to park out on the street down the block. McGarrett starts to negotiate, saying he will allow the reality show, but only in exchange for a part-ownership stake in it. When Duke and Danno find out about all this, they also want a piece of the show, but McGarrett throws them a loop by saying he will give his his share to charity. The last straw in the trouble with Meghen (sounds like a good title for another episode) comes when Meghen sits down with local TV personality Okra Pinfrey for an exclusive interview about issues she has experienced with Five-O, and McGarrett in particular. Most of Meghen's complaints have to do with racism, especially an incident where McGarrett made a light-hearted comment about Meghen's young son's skin color. After McGarrett apologizes, a truce is reached with the reality show people. In her undercover job on the show, Meghen plays a hooker who wears skimpy outfits like a sport coat with only a bra underneath and Daisy Duke shorts, which get a product tie-in at the end of the episode. Meghen also wants to have her husband Harold, a member of "Hollywood acting royalty," appear on the show, playing a slimy drug dealer named "Spare." McGarrett is in cahoots with Big Chicken who has a cameo, playing someone who looks like "Spare," and Meghen cannot tell the difference. Wearing a red wig, "Spare" sells Meghen some hard drugs, stolen by McGarrett from the HPD evidence locker, which are really laced with fentanyl, and she dies (for real). McGarrett, Danny and Duke try to save the show by wearing skimpy outfits themselves to appeal to those fans who miss Meghen, but the ratings tank and the show is over. The public ask the Governor to replace McGarrett, who is cancelled by cancel culture for a while until everyone forgets. There is a rumour that the huge kerfuffle caused by Meghen was the real reason that James MacArthur -- no fan of political correctness -- left the series. (Story by Hermano & Quincy of C/H/Q; teleplay by Quincy)