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Thread: 30,000 Rooms for 50 Years

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    Sorry for the late post – lots going on. Tonight 50 years ago, CBS aired the final Season 6 episode "30,000 Rooms And I Have A Key" (S06E24).

    S.R. Horus/Bordeaux (David Wayne) gives Five-O, particularly McGarrett, a tough time. Horus is stealing from various hotel rooms in Waikiki for the thrill of it. The big steal for him is lifting about $2 million worth of rough diamonds from a courier.

    Horus/Bordeaux always seems to be one step ahead. Except for his fingerprints – that's how he's finally busted.

    Mr. Mike's review is here:

    If you haven't figured it out by now, not one of my favorites. And when you read Mr. Mike's review, you will see why and the episode frustrates him too! It's a reused storyline from "Over 50? Steal!" and "Odd Man In". "Over 50? Steal!" is the best of these three similar episodes.

    There are some great interactions between the Five-O team members as they're chasing their tails. I guess if you don't think too hard about it, it kind of makes sense. But hiding valuables in a TV, even in the 1970s, is a bit much.

    Regardless, Happy 50th, "30,000 Rooms And I Have A Key"!!

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    30,000 Rooms And I Have The Key Season 6 Star Rating-2 1/2 Stars ⭐⭐ 1/2 Out Of 4 Stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐.

    My late Grandma enjoyed this episode. She enjoyed Horus and his different disguises. I think this started out as a possible Top 10 or Top 20 episode. Horus was very intelligent and creative with his disguises including his little key machine. He was 1 step ahead of HFO. McGarrett should have apprehended Horus before he disappeared on the rope. He gave him too much time. This became like Mr. Winkler for me. He kept changing his name to something else and eventually I started to lose interest in Winkler. In this episode, Horus started going to different rooms cutting it close. Eventually, Horus cut it too close being apprehended by McGarrett. It appeared the writers could not think of a more creative way to end it. I like Horus as a character. David Wayne is always great to see. Enjoyed him on Ellery Queen. Great actor. JC

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