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Thread: Ironside Stupidities

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    Here is beginning of Ironside S01E02 ... it is totally stupid.

    Notice at 19 seconds, there is a shadow on the wall on the left where some person was in the shot and moved away! As the camera pans left, there are HUGE shadows on the wall behind various objects, including the old lady in bed. What is making these shadows (aside from the lighting for the scene)? There is a lamp which is on, suggesting that is the only lighting that should be in the room.

    Also notice when you first see the old lady reading the newspaper, there is a banner headline on the paper on what we see. The paper is folded in half. There may be some time between this and the next shot, but in the next shot, as the lady turns to look at the door, this banner headline is not there.

    She puts the paper down in front of her, you cannot see the banner headline on the paper (what she was just reading), or anything else like photos.

    Before she gets out of bed, she throws the paper on the floor, it is then not folded, and also open to the front page of the paper which has both the banner headline and pictures visible. Later, there is a BIG DEAL made about this, as if you threw a paper on the floor like she is doing, it would always open to the front page, according to Ironside. This is dumb.

    As she opens the door, she isn't surprised ... in other words, it is someone that she KNOWS. This is quite correct, a big clue which is not really important as far as the viewer is concerned at this point, but Ironside later figures this out.

    In the next shot of the front page of the paper, the killer steps on it, and there is dirt from a plant beside her bed which gets messed all over the paper as it got knocked over as she falls backwards on to the bed. The mess from this dirt does not tally up with what we see a bit later in the show, though it is still there, and the foot print is much "clearer."

    I think there are other issues relating to how close the paper was to the plant after the paper was thrown on the floor, etc.

    And this is just the beginning of the show!

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    Sounds like the kinds of inconsistencies you’d find on a lot of shows back in the day. Before VHS or DVD no one ever imagined we’d be seeing these episode over and over and over and have the ability to pause or freeze frame them.

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