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Thread: Hawaii Five-O on Reddit

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    A few weeks ago, I started the subreddit r/Hawaii_Five_O

    I linked to this forum and Mike Quigley's website in hopes of creating an active community. But so far, membership growth has been slow. Does anyone have any tips to growing a community on Reddit?

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    Just because you want to have a discussion about Classic H50 other than the usual banalities which you can find on certain other forums doesn't mean that anyone will participate.

    I think the heyday for discussing Classic H50 has long passed ... it was around the time of the H50 reboot in 2010 and soon thereafter.

    You can see this discussion, which got pretty wild, on the forum archive page:

    This forum (the one here) was created for people who >did< want to discuss the old show, but there are only about a dozen people who are really contributing presently.

    Some of the months there were so many postings around 2010 I had to split them up into 3 or 4 groups.

    There is a pretty active Classic H50 discussion on the Magnum-Mania board here:

    It is currently the largest "other TV show" discussion, over 120 pages now.

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    Thanks for the links and suggestions. I try to post fun or interesting stuff on Reddit. The content has an endless shelf life, so people may stumble across it one day. At the very least, it's an enjoyable hobby.

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