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    The first 8 are reasonable:

    - 3 11 Over Fifty? Steal 1970 282 8.9
    2 5 10 'V' for Vashon: The Father 1972 202 8.6
    1 5 11 'V' for Vashon: The Patriarch 1972 191 8.6
    1 6 1 Hookman 1973 210 8.5
    2 8 9 Retire in Sunny Hawaii... Forever 1975 137 8.5
    1 6 4 One Big Happy Family 1973 219 8.5
    1 5 9 'V' for Vashon: The Son 1972 210 8.4
    1 6 2 Draw Me a Killer 1973 173 8.4

    However, it falls apart after that.

    "The Last of the Great Paperhangers" is #9, which is not the #9 best episode in anyone's book.

    "One Born Every Minutes" comes in at #10, which is reasonable, and once in my top 10. I've since downgraded it upon re-viewing, though.

    The rest below #10 are hit and miss.

    Despite all of the geekiness, I don't find it very accurate.

    Notice "Over Fifty? Steal!" is rated #1. I always felt that was one of the most overrated Five-O episodes. From what I've seen here, most users of this forum tend to agree.

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    I agree, Todd. There are some great episodes in Five-O, but Over Fifty? Steal! isn't at the top. Granted, it has an appeal and there are some great scenes and sequences in it. But there are times that the dialogue seemed forced. Such as when McGarrett was in front of the press and Filer confronts him about naming Filer as a suspect. That whole scene was a bit convoluted.

    Nine Dragons or one of the Vashon trilogy would be better at the top.

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    I know Nine Dragons has many fans and for many it’s the ultimate Wo Fat episode but personally I prefer Cocoon! It’s the perfect pilot episode and the cocoon chamber for my money is the ultimate weapon that Wo Fat ever devised. Creepy as heck. Sure McG is tortured in Nine Dragons but he’s basically pumped full of drugs and sees hallucinations. The cocoon chamber is a really scary and almost futuristic device which just works perfectly. Plus there’s just a freshness to the pilot that later episodes especially by the time of season 9 lack. Also the speech Wo Fat gives about how the cocoon works and what must be happening to Mr. McGarrett at that particular moment is probably my all-time favorite Wo Fat moment. There’s nothing like that in Nine Dragons.

    I mean Nine Dragons is solid but I do think it’s overrated. It doesn’t make my top 5 for season 9 even.

    Over Fifty? Steal is a stone cold classic! I don’t care what anyone says.

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